World Heritage Day Special- Ship in the Desert !

Do you know that the Desert State of India, Rajasthan, has an ancient building shaped in the form of a ship?And,is this House haunted?What is the story?

Haunted Places in India
The Hauntingly Beautiful Ship House of Jodhpur

Now, you will wonder, what is a ship doing in the middle of a desert?Even, I was surprised when I first read about it.But, then, upon reading the historical account of this building, I thought of sharing this story with my dear traveller friends.

In the year 1886 AD, the Raja of Jodhpur decided to have a ship in the desert.Ok, ok, not exactly a ship but, a palace shaped in the form of a ship.The name of the Raja was Pratap Singh.This Raja was voracious traveller and made several trips to Britain by sea.In those times, the airplanes had not yet arrived and the only means of travelling to Britain was the ship.

Jodhpur is located on the edge of the Thar desert and the only thing that you can be sure of seeing around this city is the sand dunes.So, to provide some novelty to his citizens, the Raja decided to have a new palace for himself.A hillock was identified , it was hewn by the masons and under the guidance of the British architect, GJ Overeen, the magnificent palace sprung up.Not surprisingly, this new building was shaped in the form of a ship.It was named Ship House.

The people of Jodhpur found this new building interesting and yes, it provided a topic of small talk to them.But, the Ship House quickly was abandoned .


It so happened that this Ship House was located towards the eastern periphery of the city.Now, in the deserts, dry and wind laden winds blow from west to east.This weather phenomenon  posed a health related problem to Sir P, as the Raja was addressed by the Britishers.As things happened, a few months later, he abandoned this fancy building and went back to his ancient palace at Mehrangarh.

A House of Music

Yes, the Ship House also served as a radio station in 1949.Some of the best classical musicians have graced this building in the past.But, now, it wears a haunted look. Locals living in the vicinity of this building now do not go near it.I do not know why.Maybe, it gives an eerie feeling to them.

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