What is the secret of this Delhi temple?

I am about to share a secret of Delhi.Very few people know about it.Visitors to Delhi do not know about it all and the various tour guides and operators don’t tell about it.Can you guess this secret?Let us explore this secret place then…

Have you heard about Dada Dev temple? I am sure, you haven’t.Travellers to Delhi are so much burdened by information on monuments (read tombs) of Delhi, that they know little about other equally fascinating structures.My travel blog takes you to the unknown and mysterious parts of Delhi.

Close to the Sector 8 Metro Station of Delhi Metro is the ancient Dada Dev Mandir.History of Delhi would be incomplete without knowing the background of this fascinating structure.It is located in the Palam area of Delhi

Secrets of Delhi
The main hall of Dada Dev Mandir

Unlike other dreary looking monuments of Delhi, this one is lively and resplendent.There is no air of moroseness here, no sense of death and the place absolutely rocks.You see, Dada Dev Mandir is more than 1200 years old- it is perhaps one of the oldest monuments of Delhi.

Who was Dada Dev?

Legends say, that in the early ninth century AD, a holy man from Tonk,Ram Dev,  was visited upon by his deity in his dreams.The deity commanded Ram Dev to relocate himself northward. Woken up by this dream, he shared it with his family members and asked their advice.Everyone agreed to moving to a northerly direction and so, a small party was made .This party placed the holy stone of the deity on a bullock cart and started their journey.

The party was at Palam village when an interesting event happened.One night, the holy stone fell off the bullock cart and got stuck in the mud.Thinking that the deity did not wish to advance further, the party ceased their journey at Palam and within a few days, constructed a small temple at the spot where the holy stone had fallen down.And, this is how the temple of Ram Dev came up at Palam.

Monuments of Delhi
The approach to Dada Dev Temple

Over the next few years, the saint Ram Dev acquired the name of Dada Dev. Legends grew around him.People started associating this holy man with Shesh Nag or the celestial serpent.

Today, Dada Dev- who has a memorial built for him in the temple premises- has acquired the status of gram devta for 12 adjoining villages . Gram devta is the presiding deity of a village- he/she protects the village from evil influences.It is a pulsating place with several devotees from adjoining villages coming here to seek the blessings of Dada Dev.

The temple has idols of other Hindu gods as well- Shiva, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna – all have their temples here in this complex.Indeed, this place radiates energy.So, next time if you are travelling to Delhi, make it a point to visit this hauntingly beautiful place.

How to reach; Take the Delhi Metro for Sector 21 from the Rajiv Chowk Metro station.Get down at Sector 8 and take a rickshaw.

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  1. Quite an interesting read here. To be fair, destinations for tourists range from off the beaten track to must see places. It is your effort through your blog that a temple not known by many people are given attention. Through your post, I hope more people would visit the temple of the Serpent God. 🙂

  2. Pretty interesting, I love knowing about new places. Especially the hidden gems that arent popular to tourists. India is in my bucket list, I hope I get to visit one day. 🙂

  3. It’s so cool to read about other cultures. I have never been in India but I have a strong will to go there some day. Great to see the temples and their Gods. It’s so different than what I’m used to and that’s why I like to read about it!

  4. When you talk about hauntingly beautiful places I am instantly drawn in! I love hearing the history behind this! I also really understand when you say the place exudes energy! That is so cool!

  5. Wow, this is somewhat interesting and informative at the same time! I have been hearing good places in India. I just hope that one day, I get the chance to step a foot there.

  6. Thank you for bringing us to Dada Dev Temple and letting us explore through your eyes and ears one of Delhi’s unknown and mysterious part.

  7. The place doesnt look that touristy. Great place to check out the culture, religion and history of the place. I never been to Delhi and I only know Taj Mahal. Thanks for sharing a new place to visit. Looking forward to visit Dada temple 🙂

  8. Wow this is interesting! I actually don’t know much about Hindu gods. But when I was in school we learnt about Parvati. Nice that this kind of place exists in Delhi!

  9. It’s lovely to read about hidden gems, I’ve never been to India but I do love reading about the beautiful places there are to be discovered! The background story of Dada Dev Temple was really interesting!

  10. Thanks for sharing this! It’s really great to know places that are not occupied with tourists. This place also has a really interesting story, definitely a must-visit 🙂

  11. I particularly envy your awesome talent of finding awesome stories in the ruins and putting them on words. Niche of your blog is so unique

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