Uttarakhand Forest Fires; 10 things you must know

  1. It is not a state wide fire and is just limited to 1600 hectares of the state so, please do not panic.
  2. These fires have been raging for the past 4 months and are an annual affair in the hills.
  3. Please also take note that these fires have not engulfed the trees and forests.The fires are just limited to the dry grass.
  4. Please do not think that your favourite tourist resort is in the centre of the fire.No, chances are that it is far , far away from the flames.So, please continue with your plans.Go on and enjoy your well deserved break.
  5. Even as we speak, the State High Court has directed the local administration to take all the steps to contain and douse the fire.
  6. How did these fires happen?No one knows.But, probably, nil April showers and a two year drought started them.
  7. The number of fires this year has exceeded all the fires over the last 4 years.
  8. It is possible that the builder mafia may be in cahoots with the Forest Department in starting these fires.It is easy to transfer cleared land to builders than forested pieces of land.
  9. Experts warn that glaciers can  melt faster than the usual rates because of such fires.
  10. Ash from such fires helps the land rejuvenate faster.

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