Unnatural deaths, dogs and crows

Lately, I am seeing many unnatural deaths around me. Last September, I lost my dear friend who passed away because of a brain hemorrhage. This year, in January, I discovered that one of my ex-colleagues lost his only son because of heart failure. The young boy was just 28 and did not have any diseases or bad qualities.

In 2018, the 29-year old son of my neighbour passed away; he was suffering from blood cancer.

It isn’t that I have discovered death just recently. No.

What I am trying to say is that lately there have been too many cases of deaths around me. And several of these involve young boys, chiefly.

Unnatural deaths and souls

Which brings me to two points:

  1. Why are young people dying so quickly?
  2. What happens to their atmas (souls)?

In Hindu philosophy, dying early means dying sadly.

When someone dies quite young, his or her atma remains dissatisfied for a very long time. This atma or soul flitters from one place to another looking for peace and tranquility.

But why is the atma so unhappy?

Because, it leaves the world without completing its tasks. Holy people say that if you leave the world without satisfying yourself, your soul or atma will always be in distress.

But the problem is that most of us are never satisfied. We always want more and more of the material objects.

This longingness is more acute when we are in our youth. There is so much to enjoy and achieve while we are in our teens and 20s! There is so much of fun, so much energy during those years!

And one day, while you are enjoying your life, you are gone! Just like that!

But does this dissatisfied atma wander here and there for eternity?

Yes, it does, but there is a solution to its pain.


And that solution is ‘shraddh’.

We Hindus believe that if we feed crows, cows, dogs and other animals then we are directly helping the soul of our dear departed.

We also believe that by doing so, we guide the atma of our dead relatives achieve salvation.

Salvation is escaping birth and death.

I am not sure whether it helps the atmas this way but millions of Hindus believe in the concept of shraddh.

Each year, several millions go to Gaya in Bihar and feed poor people, and animals hoping that their acts will calm down the restless spirits of their young ones.

But why crows and dogs?

For us, crows and dogs are not mere birds and animals. We believe that our dead relatives are reborn as these birds and animals and feeding them means satisfying our long dead.

Perhaps, the young people who died early are nearby as crows and dogs…

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