This haunted house in Delhi will terrify you- don’t visit it

I again say this- don’t ever try to visit this haunted house in Delhi.

haunted house in Delhi
Anybody who sits near Balban’s grave is attacked by the ghosts

Where is this haunted house in Delhi?

This haunted place is very much in Delhi, in fact it is right in the center of the city. Can you guess this place?

Ok, I will make your job easier. This is one of those haunted historical places in Delhi that very few people know about.

The Mehrauli Archaeological Park is haunted and very few Delhiites and foreign visitors know about it. Here, now you know about the location of this spooky place, isn’t it?

Balban’s Tomb

Balban's Tomb
People who die a sad death , roam around the world as djinns and ghosts. Balban, the Sultan of Delhi died a sad man.

They say that the Balban Tomb building is haunted! Well, I don’t know about that but when I visited this spooky building several years ago, I sensed something is weird.

For starters, there was a faint whiff of perfume in the air surrounding the grave. By the way, there was no woman or girl around so smelling that perfume was quite odd!

I asked about this oddity to some people nearby and all of them said they too smelt that perfume now and then! Hmmm.

There is an even a stranger sight outside the tomb, and that is the presence of several round holes in the mud walls.

Do you know why these holes are there? People in the know say that these cavities held djinns in the past , which have now escaped!

I asked those people- where have those djinns gone to?

Well, they are floating in the air, gazing at you and waiting for the right time to attack, told those people.

But why would those ghosts attack me? Well, they would pounce upon those women who came here wearing a perfume !

Okay, I exclaimed! I was lucky that there wasn’t any woman with me in that haunted house.

Dear lady visitor, if you are planning to visit this Delhi haunted house, please come as a plain Jane. Ok!

The haunted building of Jamali Kamali

haunted house in Delhi
One of the secret doorways of Jamali Kamali mosque

Don’t think that the Balban‘s Tomb is the only haunted house in Mehrauli.

Check out the mysterious Jamali Kamali building and you will agree with me.

Even the Jamali Kamali is a haunted place. In fact, it is even scarier than the tomb of Balban.

A few years ago, I spotted a couple of Sufi fakeers praying to some ‘ invisible’ djinns there. Fakeers are holy men who have left their houses and depend upon charity of the others.

So, these men were chanting some mantras inside the Jamali Kamali mosque. Their eyes were closed and their arms were moving around in all directions. It was a weird sight.

haunted house in Delhi
Jamali Kamali Mosque

When their chanting stopped, I asked these men what they were doing?

Well, we are calling the ghosts on Mehrauli to help us.

What kind of help, I asked those bearded men?

There are some good djinns out here who would help us in getting our daily food and we are praying to them…

Okay, and what about the bad ones?

The bad djinns are all the time chasing us so that is why we keep praying to the good djinns to save us.

I swear I am not making this up; this conversation really happened before my eyes. Probably, many people who live in the Mehrauli area would tell you similar tales of the ghosts and the djinns.

The ghost of Thomas Metcalfe

There is another haunted house in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park and this one belongs to a long dead Britisher.

Thomas Metcalfe
Thomas Metcalfe. Image courtesy-

Thomas Metcalfe was that man who had engineered the downfall of the Mughal kingdom. He loved good life, fine wines and food and often entertained his guests in a remote corner of this Park.

Metcalfe hated the Mughals in his heart but never revealed his true feelings. This Britisher had demolished several Mughal era palaces and mansions and made resorts over them.

He had even converted the grave of an important Mughal official into a honeymoon resort!

Quli Khan tomb
The tomb of Quli Khan.But we don’t know who he was?

The Mughals, in turn, despised him and wanted him dead. Perhaps, they succeeded.

It is said that this fashionable Englishman was poisoned to death by none other than the youngest queen of the last Mughal, Bahadur Shah Zafar.

Metcalfe’s ghost roams in this haunted house of Delhi today, searching for his killers.

Do ghosts exist?

I don’t know whether ghosts exist or not but who am I to deny their existence or absence. The world is indeed a strange place and anything is possible; we not even an atom in this vast universe. There are infinite possibilities, many of who do not even cross our minds, isn’t it?

The lady that you see here talks with the spirits of dead people.

I find conversations on ghosts and supernatural powers exciting and am sure even you do, too. So, that’s why I occasionally conduct ghost tours in Mehrauli and Feroz Shah Kotla.

If you find the idea of participating in a ghost tour exciting then join it.

Book a Tour to this haunted house

Interested in roaming around this spooky place and seeing a ghost?

Please book a tour with me by either calling me at 9810840763


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  3. You can arrive at this place by driving down or by taking a Metro. The closest Metro station is at Qutub Minar. To reach the Park from the Metro stn, you will have to take an auto rickshaw. We suggest however, that you walk down. Save fuel.

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