The top 3 Lucknow destinations for first time travelers

Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh is coming up as a very attractive tourist destination. If you thought that the City of Nawabs is just about Urdu and kababs, then kill that idea. Lucknow is everything to everybody. Planning to travel to Lucknow as a tourist? Read this article then.

Aminabad- the center of Nawabi culture

They say that Lucknow is incomplete without its Aminabad. A very crowded locality, Aminabad is probably named after a Shia noble, Mohammad Amin Khan. We don’t know the exact date when this place was laid out but according to some old timers, Aminabad is at least 14 years old.

What makes Aminabad special is its narrow lanes, vintage havelis of the Nawabi era, and shops selling food, chikan kurtas and pyjamas, and perfumes. People living in Aminabad have retained there famous Luckhnawi sophistication.


Lucknow saw some of the most intense battles between the Indian mutineers and the British forces during the tumultuous months of 1857. Sikandarbagh, a quaint little garden at the Rana Pratap Marg- Ashok Marg intersection introduces us to one such battle. British and Indian chroniclers say that one of the most fierce battles were fought in this now -renovated park. If you have small children in your family, take them to this historical park.


Lucknow was not just the city of Nawabs, it was also associated with the British. The Residency in Lucknow reminds one of the East India era when Residents, Agents and Governors General lived in palatial bungalows. The Residency is one such building. It was also the site of a bitter fight between the East India Company and the Indian rebels. Walk into this ruined building of Lucknow and listen to the faint cries of the long dead British women, children and men.

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