The Most Haunted Places In India-Kiradu

Most haunted places
Kiradu Temple

Kiradu is one of the least known places to visit in India. Does it have ghosts?What is the story of this haunted place?Why is it forbidden to stay here after dark?

I have been writing stories around the haunted destinations of India for the last few years.The idea is not to frighten my traveller friends but to encourage them to visit these places so that the local economy picks up. There are so many offbeat destinations in India that many of us hardly know about.And, almost all of these places have some weird and unlikely stories around them and I do not know how many of them are true. But, they do interest all of us, isn’t it?Otherwise, you would not be reading this fascinating post.

History of Kiradu

Kiradu is a village located between the two towns of Barmer and Jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan.  If you want to travel to Kiradu, you will have to take a taxi or a car to reach here.

More than a thousand years ago, Kiradu had a Sanskrit name, Kiradkot The word “Kirad” denotes the clan of Rajputs that used to live in this place and “Kot”means town or city. So, Kiradu was the city of Kirad Rajputs. Nowadays, it is a devastated village and has acquired the reputation of a haunted place.

The Kirad Rajputs were the vassals of the Chalukya or Solanki Rajputs. The word “Rajput” refers to the fighting arm of the Indian society. This arm used to defend the society against the foreign invaders.The Chalukyas are the guys who have made the world famous Somnath temple in Gujarat.

But, the Kirad Rajputs built an equally superb set of temples in Rajasthan.And, these came up in Kiradu.

What is the story of “Haunted Kiradu”?

The temples here are devastated. There are three theories behind this.

The first theory says that several thousands of years ago, there lived a holy man in the village with his disciples. One day, he decided to take a tour in the surrounding country. He called the villagers to his hut and shared his plans. “I am leaving my disciples to you, my dear people, and please take good care of them,” he requested them. The villagers agreed and so, the holy man left on his tour.

Most Haunted Places

But, the villagers ignored the holy man’s request, His disciples were left to their fate by the villagers and unfortunately, some of them died. It was a terrible time for them and all of them would have died but for the help provided by a local woman.She took good care of them but, her effort was not enough to save all of them.

A few months later when the holy man returned, he was stunned at seeing the condition of his people. Angered over the conduct of the villagers, the holy man cursed them and cast a spell over the village. But, he also felt a sense of piety for the friendly, helpful woman and so , he advised her to leave the village. “Leave the village but make sure to not turn your head back while leaving”, he advised to the woman.

Kiradu 2

The lady , heeding the advice of the holy man, left the village but, was quickly tempted to have one last look at the village where she had grew up.

But, as she turned back to have one last look at the village, she turned to stone!

Her stone statue is still present in the village , though, it is forbidden to take its photograph.

I am sure after reading this short story, you will be tempted to visit this haunted village. But, dear friends, please do not stay back in the village after dusk. This advice is given to the travellers by the locals.If you stay back then you may turn to stone!

The second theory behind the devastation of the village says that an earthquake visited this village.

The last theory says that the ruin of the village was caused by the Muslim armies that had invaded Rajasthan in the past.

This place has even allured the BBC to visit this place and record its history;

Wikipedia has this to say about Kiradu;

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Khajuraho of Rajasthan

The Kiradu temples have got a lot of erotic art on their walls. I am always wonderstruck at this phenomenon.Why is there so much of eroticism here when the temples have been devoted to Lord Vishnu and Shiva? Would you have any answers?

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Kiradu 3

How to reach Kiradu

Kiradu can be reached from Jaisalmer as well as Barmer. Both are district headquarters of Rajasthan and can be reached by train from Delhi. Visit for train and seat availablity. This is a Government of India website so you can get the best information here.

Once you reach Barmer or Jaisalmer, you will have to take a bus or taxi to reach the Kiradu temples.

For overnight stay in Barmer and Jaisalmer , please check this government website

Rajasthan Tourism has some really good hotels to stay in .They are clean and comfortable.

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  1. Loved the photos and the legends surrounding thsi post. The woman turning into stone is very similar to what happens to Lot’s wife in legends about Sodom.

    My rule for visiting any haunted place is simple: go during the day 😀 If possible, bring the dog with me!

  2. I am from Rajasthan and I never heard about Kiradu! Thank you for highlighting. This sounds very interesting and the architecture looks great. Will definitely visit the next time I visit Rajasthan.

  3. Interesting story. Never heard about Kiradu until reading this post. Thanks for highlighting this one. For matter how haunted a place can be. I will still visit it….on a daylight of course:)

  4. Truly this is creepy and haunted, but why will anyone who visits a haunted place not listen to the instructions…. well thanks for this

  5. I like to read the news about the haunted. very good your article made me know about kiradu. Kiradu I do not know, but I so wanted to visit there to know the truth.
    Thank you for the information.

  6. I really loved the story behind the legend of Kiradu. You were right when you said India is fulled with haunted story and that’s so interesting. Tho, that’s funny, because the stone woman made me think to a story in the First testament aka the Bible, when Lot’s wife (nephew of Abraham), turned her back to catch a glimpse of Somore and Gomorra, and then turned to salt. It was almost the same, it was cursed, but still, every story behind such events teach us lessons.

  7. Ooo creepy 🙂 I believe you when you tell us not to stay behind! I don’t want to be turned to stone. Have you heard of anyone taking a picture of the woman?

  8. Creepy and scary, yet very mysterious. I dont like scary or haunted places. I had never heard of this place, let alone its stories or history behind it, but it made for a very interesting read.

  9. We have been to Rajasthan and travelled through the popular cities but we would love to explore the off beaten villages with history and legends. We have been enthralled by the history of the Jodhpur and Jaisalmer which left us awestruck so we are sure there is much more to explore in the wonderland of Rajasthan.

  10. Wow, what a great story. I’ve been to India and I write about it a lot in my blog, but I have not been to Kiradu. I’m definitely going to check this place out in my next visit.

  11. Thank you for this post! I wasn’t aware about the history of Kiradu. I think it is fascinating the way stories are told and narrated and create a bit of mystery around the place. I really wanna visit Kiradu, take the pic of the woman and stay back after dusk! Though I am not allowed to!

  12. What a fascinating legend about this town! I’d love to see what the statue of the woman looking back looks like in real life – do you know why you’re not allowed to take photos of it?

  13. This is so interesting – I didn’t know about these haunted stories. I always enjoy exploring all aspects about a city, and that might include dark history. I would love to visit these haunted places someday. You really piqued my curiosity!

  14. Awesome stories! I’ve never heard of Kiradu before, so I definitely learned something new today. If I visit this place, I’ll never look back because I don’t want to be turned into stone! I’m actually a really big ‘fraidy-cat and don’t do too well with haunted places!

  15. This a place unheard of. I have heard of the haunted Bhangarh fort in Rajasthan. This seems like something similar to that. Would love to spend a night here to see what happens.

  16. Always visit a haunted or scary place during the day is my philosophy. It is always wonderful learning about a cities history and how it came to be as it is now whether it is is haunted or a thriving metropolis.

  17. So psyched to have found this blog. Great niche offering and its not a topic of frequent discussion in blogging circles. I love the tale of the woman turned to stone and I wish you had a photograph of the statue!

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