Tejas train review-the good and the bad of Tejas Express

Tejas train was launched last week by the Indian Railways. I traveled by it to Lucknow but wasn’t impressed by this train at all.

Though friendly, the staff of Tejas train is inexperienced

Tejas train runs between New Delhi and Lucknow six days a week. It is billed as the first corporate train in India. Let’s read this train review and find out whether Tejas Express is good for you or not.

Tejas train review

First of all, you can book your seat in Tejas Express by logging into the www.irctc.co.in website. You may also get your seat by signing in Yatra, Cleartrip and MakeMyTrip sites.

To book your seat, you may click this link; it gives you a step-by-step account> How to book and cancel your Tejas ticket?

there is ample legroom in Tejas Express

Corporate train

Hmm, so what’s so corporate about Tejas Express?

Well, its bookings are exclusively managed by IRCTC, a Government of India owned company. The same company manages meals, cleanliness and other related services. IRCTC also provides Wifi services onboard the train.

If you asked me whether these services are really up to the mark in this train, then my answer will be a straight NO!

Tejas train interiors
spanking and clean interiors of Tejas Express

Reaching Tejas train

Reaching this train in the New Delhi railway station is an issue. For some strange reason, the Indian Railways has allotted Platform No. 9 so it’s quite a problem for the aged and the infirm.

Passengers carrying heavy luggage will also find it difficult reaching this train.

Arrival and departure of Tejas

This train departs from New Delhi at 3.55 pm which is okay for travelers who want to reach Lucknow by 10. But the departure time from Lucknow is 6.10 am and this time is quite unrealistic because travelers will have to get up by 4 am, and then lookout for an Uber or Ola.

I hope the railway authorities change the Lucknow departure time to say, 7 am.

Service of the staff

I would say that the service levels are below par in Tejas Express.

While this train tries to compete with airlines, its train-hostesses and other staff are slow to respond to passenger requests. I can understand that this is the first time a corporate train has been launched in India so service levels are low, but you need to improve those as quickly as you can.


I found the loo clean and spanking.

However, I must say that the sensors in the tap do not work properly. You will have to keep moving your palms until a connection is made. I think the good old taps are good enough on this train.

In-train entertainment

Ah, this is something new that I have seen on any Indian train.

On Tejas Express, you can enjoy Hindi and English music, movies, TV serials, and much more.

To get your dose of fun. connect your phone to the Tejas Wifi, and visit this website> www.magicbox.com. Once this site loads on your phone, you can see several tabs on entertainment.

Note that you should use your Firefox browser for this entertainment service, Chrome is useless here.

Final verdict on Tejas train

In my assessment, this train is just like the Lucknow Shatabdi. Tejas is at least 300 Rs more expensive than the Shatabdi but offers the same services.

Its staff is inexperienced and there is nothing great about its in-train entertainment.

Traveler’s tip- take this train only when you are left with no option. Else, take a flight to Lucknow or Delhi.

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