Solo women travelers, how to enjoy your India trips and feel safe too

Dear solo women travelers headed to India, here is a fresh list of things to do to make your journeys comfortable …and safe.

  1. Buy R-Wallet and save on railway tickets


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What are R wallets? These are Railway wallets and are similar to the Delhi Metro Smart Cards.

Until now, R wallets were used by passengers to book tickets in unreserved compartments of the Southern Railways network. Now, you can use the R-Wallet to buy tickets for First Class, Superfast and other categories of trains all across the country.

For solo women travelers who want to explore the country, this is indeed good news.

First, you don’t need to stand in long queues and wait for your turn to buy the tickets. All you have to do is buy a smart card from an important railway station. You can buy this card for any value up to Rs. 10,000/-. Next, place this smart card against a card reader and fill in your details on the screen. Pay the amount by clicking the right buttons, and hey presto, you get a proper railway ticket. In the process, you also save 5% in the whole process! Isn’t it good news?

So my dear solo women travelers, you don’t need to stand in the queue and you also save on money while buying train tickets. 

10 pieces of advice for solo women traveling to India 

I guess this is a great way to travel for all those who want to experience the real India by traveling in unreserved coaches of the Indian Railways.

Don’t believe me? Check this website>

2. A 7 day trip to the holiest Indian cities in under USD 200!

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Get spiritual by booking your tour in this railway package

Yes , you read it right. Now buy a single railway ticket for yourself and capture intense moments of  Haridwar, Allahabad, Mathura, Gaya and Varanasi for just Rs. 12,350/ per person!

Now all those single ladies who want to explore India on their own will find this package extremely attractive. Travel in trains, and stay in dharmashalas, and small hotels arranged for you by the Railways. Stay safe and make friends with your fellow travelers.

Tickets can be booked at the IRCTC website which is a Government of India property. Imbibe the India spiritual experience and go home as a recharged traveler.

Look up the details of this package tour here>

Please note that bookings for this package start from June 17, 2018.

3. Go, fly in a train

Tejas Express
Now you can fly from Mumbai to Goa in a train

Now travel in great style between Goa and Mumbai. This sector has a new high-speed train on its tracks. The maximum speed of this train, Tejas Express is 200 miles per hour.

Image result for images of Tejas train

The interiors of this train are very similar to airplanes. I won’t spoil the fun by writing about them. You just book your Goa tickets in this train and watch the magic unfold.

4. Ladies first!

Ha ha , this news is super interesting for solo women travelers in India.

So it happens like this.

For example, Julie from Britain has booked a train ticket from New Delhi to Agra but is unable to get a confirmed seat. She is now worried about her travel plans. Don’t worry Julie, Indian Railways has some plans for you.

If a seat falls vacant because of a last minute cancellation, then Julie can get that seat. Read this article to understand how this system works > 

5. Women are safe in Railways

This International Women’s Day, Indian Railways launched a unique initiative for its women travelers. When you book your ticket on any Western Railway trains, you can use a ‘talk back system’ that connects you with the police and other security personnel. In addition, you can also download a safety app on your mobile phone for your security.

So that’s it ladies. Hope you liked this article on women traveler safety.

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