10 pieces of advice for solo women travelers in India

I was moved to write this article on pieces of advice for solo women travelers in India after I read a few Facebook posts. Those posts were written by ladies wanting to travel to India but were unsure about the safety angle.

So, here is my advice for these solo women travelers.

But before I start, please note this- India is one of the safest places to travel in the world. A recent US advisory to its citizens says that India is a friendly country to travel to. Having said that, it is my duty to forewarn travelers coming to India about the likely risks and threats to them.

Pieces of advice for solo women travelers in India

  1. No to Drugs- Please note that possession and consumption of drugs is illegal in India and can lead to imprisonment. In this connection, my advice to you is not to trust any travel agent or agency blindly. They may ask you to carry certain contraband stuff and that may put you in trouble.
  2. Don’t smoke in public places- You may not know but it is unlawful to smoke in the public in India. It is not a major crime, but why get booked by the local police and pay a small amount unnecessarily?
  3. Smile, and smile a lot- As Rachel Jones says in her blog, smile and the world smiles back at you. Don’t put up a long face in India. If you want to get some work done here, smile and flash your lovely teeth. Your work will be done instantly.
  4. On asking directions- My online friend Chitra Chaudhuri who lives in Mumbai has this to say on asking for directions- Never ask for directions from a large set of people. Always try to get answers from individuals such as a local panwala, auto-rickshaw driver or a shopkeeper. Rather, get answers from all these people and match their replies. Hahaha, that ways, you can cross check their truthfulness.

Toilets, Registrations, Safe Places to Stay

  1. Coming to India for the first time?- If yes, then it is better to check the location of your destinations online. Once in India, use those roads and lanes mentioned in your review sites like Tripadvisor or Viator.
  2. FRRO- Now what does this abbreviation mean to you? It means that as soon as you arrive in India, register yourself at the Foreigner Regional Registration Office. If you are arriving in Delhi, then check this website for further details > https://indianfrro.gov.in/frro/menufrro.jsp 
  3. Toilets- I hate to admit it but many India tourist places do not have clean toilets. Therefore you should try to hang around those places which have clean washrooms. Use this Toilet Locator Guide to find your washroom in Delhi.
  4. Finding safe and secure guesthouses- If you trust me, and I hope you do, then I will recommend the following guesthouses to you;
  •  Pearl Grey Boutique Restaurant     – This one is located quite close to the Qutub Minar in Delhi. It is run by one of my best friends, so don’t worry.
  •  GoStopsHostel
  • The Estate BnB is also located in the Qutub Minar area. It is a great place for all those who want to learn Yoga and other fanciful stuff.

Go Stops is for all those who want to stay close to the Old Delhi area and explore it.

If you want to book a tour in Old Delhi, then here is the link> http://www.indiatraveltip.com/delhi-india-tour-packages/old-delhi-history-heritage-and-street-food-walk/

  1. Make friends with your hotel waiters and managers. You never know the secret tips that they have. Always be gracious to them.

  2. Share your location in India with your friends and relatives abroad, realtime. There are several apps that will help you on this score.

I think I have covered important pieces of advice for solo women travelers in India in this post.

A few more will do!

As a young traveller, Yasmin Tabassum advises solo women travelers not to venture outside alone in the night.

I for one, would also advise first time travelers to inoculate themselves as soon as they arrive here. Check with the Indian Embassy in your country about the health advisory.

That’s it folks for now. Did this post on ‘pieces of advice for solo women travelers in India’ help you in any way?

See you tomorrow.


  1. Good set of dos and dont dos. Better be safe by following them than be sorry later. One must rely on their instinct too, women do have that power to sense from talks of men and not trust all completely. Toilet scene is very bad unfortunately. I was not aware of the toilet finder apps.

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