Our Own Blade Runner

Triumph of the Spirit over the Body

Today morning, when I opened my inbox, I saw a notification sticking out.

I have got mail, I chuckled to myself.

Not surprising because one gets scores of messages every day in your Gmail or Yahoo account.

But, this one was special- someone had responded to one of my latest blog posts and this someone is one who greatly admire. He is probably reading this post so shall be chuckling ear to ear.

Why do I admire Mr X?

Years ago, while I was growing up and studying in School, Mr X was one of the fittest guys around. And also a happy soul. He was good at studies and every one thought he would join an engineering course. You see, every one is marked by every other boy or girl in the class , career wise.

Boards came. We wrote our tests. And then we all entered our own Colleges for Life.

We all went our own ways, struggling with our jobs and careers, married and begot children and started our own families.

The year was 2008 when I visited Lucknow , my own city, for a short break. Luckily, I had the number of X  which I had got from another school friend of mine.

I found X the same cheerful man I had known during school days. The same happy disposition and the same warm smile that reached the corners of his eyes.

He had turned a tutor and a very successful one at that. We shared our pleasant memories and then I left.

Back in Delhi, over a nice snack and some really nice tea, I shared this meeting with another friend of mine.

“Do you know”, he wheezed,” what happened to X?” “No”, I intoned.

Well, he suffered from muscular dystrophy soon after the Board exams, my Delhi friend carried on. And this disease put paid to his becoming a career Army officer. But, too proud to share with the world his tragedy, X fought back and made his passion his career. He became a successful tutor.

I have a name for our X here- Our Very Own Blade Runner!

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