Is the mystical Govardhan Parvat in Vrindavan cursed?

This mystical Govardhan Parvat was lifted by Lord Krishna many many thousands of years ago.

mystical Govardhan Parvat
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Many people visit this holy place every year. They take a round of this hill and hope that by doing this, they will attain Nirvana.

Unfortunately, this mysterious hill has been suffering from neglect for many centuries. the trees on this hill are withering and decaying away. Locals say that the Parvat has been cursed by an ancient Rishi.

But let us know a little bit about this mystical Govardhan Parvat.

Story of mystical Govardhan Parvat

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Every year, millions of Hindus visit this holy Govardhan Parvat. Creds-

Bear with me, this is an interesting tale.

Many many years ago, the people of Vrindavan used to worship Indra, the Lord of Devas. He was also the God of Rains. He was important to the people because he helped them in agriculture.

No rains meant no crops. Drought!

Is this park in Vrindavan haunted?  

The Mathura people thought that just by worshipping Indra, they would get good crops.

This thought process continued for many years until Krishna came along.

He was wise and quickly realized that unless the Vrindavan people started taking care of their mountains, forests and other parts of the environment, their agriculture would suffer.

Therefore Krishna advised his fellow villagers to start worshipping the nearby hill called Govardhan.

Once convinced, the villagers started following Krishna’s advice.

Thunder and Fury

When Indra found out that he was being ignored, he became very angry.

He came thundering over Vrindavan and let loose a lot of rains over the poor people. People started running helter and skelter and were terrified. They were helpless and could do nothing to protect themselves against these rains. It was a miserable sight there in Mathura.

You can imagine what happens when there are floods all around, don’t you?

But what was Krishna doing all this time?

Lifting Govardhan

Do you think Krishna was playing marbles all this time?


He was planning his next step; after all, it was Krishna who was responsible for the plight of his men and women.

When things became too bad, he thought of a plan.

Krishna asked all the villagers to assemble near the mystical Govardhan Parvat with their cows and oxen.

When all of the villagers had assembled, then he went up to the hill and lifted it with his forefinger.

Seeing his feat, the villagers were filled with amazement. They had never seen such a sight before.

But, Krishna was calm. He asked all the men and women to come in the shade of the hill and protect themselves from the rains.

And, ladies and gentlemen, this is how the men and women of Vrindavan were saved from the fury of Indra.

Amazing story, isn’t it?


Today, this hill has become an abode of thorns and is no longer green. Its trees cannot withstand the saline water of Yamuna. Bad water quality is denuding this hill.

Many species like Kadamb, Tamala, Karira, Pakar, and Pilkhan are on the verge of extinction.

Did you know that Kadamb can grow up to 148 feet? Folks say that Krishna and Radha used to meet in the shade of this tropical tree.

The leaves of Tamala and Karira are used to garnish vegetables and pulses.

Pilkhan is also a massive tree, its crown is really huge. If you want to see a tree of this species, then you can go to the Humayun Tomb in Delhi.

Image result for flickr images of Pilkhan tree
Pilkhan Tree. Creds- Flickr

Now some good news for all of you folks.

The mystical Govardhan Parvat will be revived by the local government. It will be lush again and hopefully, we will see all these beautiful trees once again.

So friends, when are you planning to visit the Mathura-Vrindavan area?

That’s it folks. Thanks for stopping by.




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