The mysterious Indian historical structure nobody knows about

I was stunned to read about this eerie and mysterious Indian historical structure. Titled as the Great Wall of India, this monument has left historians and common people confused.

The Graet Indian Wall
Many such images of snakes have also been found on this Great Indian Wall. Image Credits- Hindustan Times

Mysterious Indian historical structure- where is it?

This interesting structure was discovered just a few years ago in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

This is a wall, actually, and runs for more than 80 kilometers in the heart of India. Some say that it is more than 120 kilometers long.

Anyways, whatever be its length, this mysterious wall threatens to displace the Kumbhalgarh walls as the second longest wall in the world.

If you happen to be in Bhopal at this moment, then you can trace this wall near the Bhopal-Raisen road. It meanders through jungles, villages, valleys, mountain tops, and fields towards the Jabalpur district.

Who made it?

Nobody knows who made this hauntingly beautiful structure, and when.

Some say that this ancient wall marked the boundary between the Kalchuri and Parmar kingdoms. Others aren’t sure; they say that this wall could have been made very recently by the British.

Image result for flickr images of Raja Bhoj
The legendary Raja Bhoj. Image credits- Flickr

The Kalchuris ruled Central India in the 9th and 10th centuries. The Parmars were their next-door neighbors. The most important king in the Parmar dynasty was Raja Bhoj who lent his name to the city of Bhopal. Historians say that there was enmity between the two dynasties.

Image result for images of Kalachuris
Image credits- Indian Coins

However, there is a strong evidence that this great wall was built by the Parmars. There are several temples along this structure that have Parmar origins. No seals and inscriptions have been found either from this long wall which adds to the confusion.

Like Lego bricks

Have you seen the Lego building blocks? They just interlock with each other.Easily.

Similarly, the stones of this mysterious Indian historical structure lock with each other with remarkable ease. They are not bound together with concrete or plaster. Isn’t it amazing?

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Unfortunately, many of these stones have been stolen by the locals to make their houses and other buildings. Some moortis have also been stolen. Moortis are icons or figurines of gods and goddesses.

Even as I was writing this article, I became acutely aware of how much unsafe our Hindu heritage is

Follow this ‘Great Indian Wall’ and you will find ancient courtyards, temples, beautiful images, ponds and other historical structures along the way. It is not a plain wall, you will find many interesting buildings along it.

I wish I could write more about this fascinating structure but there are very few details available.

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