These Mussoorie haunted places will make you pee in your pants

These are some of the scariest Mussoorie haunted places that even Ruskin Bond writes about!

If you are traveling to the Queen of Hills, then bookmark this post- it will help you in many ways.

I challenge you to visit even one of these without wetting your pants! If you succeed, I will pay you a thousand Indian Rupees.

Before I start with this article on some of the most haunted places in Mussoorie, let me tell you why do I write about all this.

Simple answer:

I want you safe. No ghost should ever come near you and trouble your soul.

Do I believe in ghosts? Yes.

Have I seen one? No.

Mussoorie haunted places

 Pari Tibba

Mussoorie haunted places
Image Creds-

Have you read a book on Mussoorie haunted places by Ruskin Bond? He has written about this haunted place in his book,’ The Rupa Book of Haunted Houses’.

For people who do not know Mr. Bond, he is a very popular writer of short stories.

Pari Tibba in Mussoorie is a small hill that is dotted with many ruined houses of the British era.

They abandoned this place after this hill was struck by lightning many many years ago and today, Pari Tibba wears a haunted look.

Locals say that they have sometimes spotted spirits of two lovers on this hill. These lovers had committed suicide together after signing a suicide pact.

You can see those long[-dead lovers even today, when there is a full moon in the sky and the sky is partially covered with clouds.

 Lambi Dehar Mines

Haunted Places in Mussoorie
Image Credits- Dehar mines in Mussoorie

Locals insist that this deserted limestone mine is infested with more than 50, 000 restless spirits.

That is a very large number and I am not willing to take this claim seriously. But this the claim of the locals, you see.

They say that several years ago, many miners died a horribly in this place after spitting blood. The managers of this factory did not take due care of their employees; all they wanted was money.

If you happen to loaf around the Lambi Dehar mines, be sure to come back to your home or hotel well before the sun sets down. Who knows, you might be trapped by some spirits in this area.

Hotel Savoy

Mussoorie haunted places
Hotel Savoy, image credits-

This hotel was covered by Agatha Christie in her murder thriller,’The Mysterious Affair at Styles’.

You know who dame Agatha was, right? She was the number one writer of murder thrillers in her times and for this book, she chose Hotel Savoy of Mussoorie as her subject.

They say that one day, an unmarried woman from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh turned up at this hotel to stay for a few days. She was engaged to a British soldier, who unfortunately died a few days before the wedding, in Mussoorie.

The lady decided to investigate the death of her fiancee with the help of seances and black magic at the hotel

She never returned to Lucknow because she was found dead in her hotel room by one of the hotel staff.

The door was bolted from inside and clearly, it was not a case of suicide!

Was she murdered? Nobody knows the answer.

However, her ghost can still be seen on the hotel premises.

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The magic of Savoy

Hotel Savoy is now owned by one of the finest hotel chains in the world- ITC. In its heydays, the Savoy was luxury personified.

Bond writes about this hotel in these words-“Everything heavy, including the building materials, came uphill by bullock carts. Massive Victorian or Edwardian furniture, grand pianos, billiards tables, barrels of cider and crates of champagne — all the appurtenances of a hotel that was to become well known as the Raffles in Singapore or the Imperial in Tokyo came up in these lumbering Mr Buckle’s Bullock Cart Train.”

If you want to read more about this murder mystery, you can read Ruskin Bond’s epic murder mystery- In a Crystal Ball; A Mussoorie Mystery (2003)

That Haunted House in Sister’s Bazaar

Speaking of Mussoorie haunted places, can one forget to talk about the haunted house in Sister’s Bazaar?

If you ever take a stroll in the Sister’s Bazaar area of Mussoorie, you will never fail to be amazed by this spooky mansion.

What is this charming building doing here in the middle of a forest? Can you hear the shrieks, screams, and the cries of young children and their mothers?

Can you hear the muffled noise among those trees in the doorway? I bet you can never return from this mysterious place withour wetting your pants.

Mullinger’s Mansion

Mussoorie haunted places
Mullinger’s Mansion

For people who like to explore the secret side of Mussoorie, a visit to Mullinger’s Mansion is a must. This haunted place looks almost like a picture from a postcard.

The mansion was built in the early 1800s by one Captain Mullinger and many people believe that he is still living in this house.

Others say that he returned to England after a few years of the completion of this house.

However, an overwhelming majority of people believes that Mullinger still roams in his estate astride a horseback.

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