Would you like to make the Mowgli girl your valentine?

14 months after Mowgli girl was found among a group of monkeys, I have some good news for you. She is recovering fast and adopting normal human behavior. However, it will take some time before this Mowgli girl finally becomes a full-fledged human.

Mowgli girl
Mowgli girl

Who is this Mowgli girl?

This amazing girl, who is perhaps 3 or 4 years old was found among a band of monkeys in the Katarniya Ghat jungles of Uttar Pradesh. These forests are full of wild animals like tigers, leopards, bears and wild dogs so the rescuers were surprised to find her alive.

What further amazed them was that the young baby was behaving like monkeys. She would walk on her four legs and arms, scratch herself like the simians and even pick food from the ground and eat it. Nobody knew what her name was because the girl did not know how to speak or write. The rescuers even did not know her age.

However, after rescuing the small child, they put her up in a hospital in Bahraiach which is a small town in Uttar Pradesh. A few months later, the Mowgli girl was shifted to a rehab center in Lucknow. I am not revealing the name of this center so that curious visitors do not rush to that place and cause inconvenience.

Did you know that in 1924, rescuers found two baby girls, alter named Amla and Kamla, in a wolves’ lair in India? The two sisters later died during their rehab. The two girls behaved exactly like wolves and were always snarling and growling.¬†

Over the past one year, the small child is now showing signs of improvement. She can now climb stairs with the help of handrails; earlier, she could use just her arms and legs to climb them, just like the monkeys.

Jaldi Jaldi

Special educator Saroj Patel says that the Mowgli girl is now able to speak a few words. When she is hungry, then the child cries out, ‘Jaldi Jaldi’ meaning ‘I am hungry’. Earlier, the child ate just a few pieces of chapatti or Indian bread, but over the past few months, she now prefers Dal Chawal, the staple food of Indians. If she is hungry, then she says Jaldi Jaldi or ‘I want food quickly’.

Also, the small child also prefers eating on a plate. Earlier, at the time of her rescue, she was picking up food from the ground and eating it. This caused some infection in her stomach which has now been cured.

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You will also be pleasantly surprised to know that the young child likes dancing to popular Hindi tunes. Yes, our young heroine is now adopting human behavior.

Her rescuers have given her a new name- Ehsaas meaning consciousness, so let us call this small child by her new name.

Various theories

Sociologist Alok Chantia of Lucknow University says that perhaps Ehsaas was abandoned by her parents in the forests where she was reared by the monkeys. At that time, the girl would have been just 2 years of age.

The main administrator of the rescue center says that the most important part of this whole episode is that the girl has survived. She lived for a few days or a few months among the monkeys and was exposed to danger from wild animals. This shows the ‘tough-as-nails’ attitude of Ehsaas.

‘She’s my girl’

Meanwhile, a couple has approached the rehab center authorities saying that Ehsaas is their daughter.

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The couple says that the girl is mentally disturbed and went missing during their shopping trip in Jaunpur, a town in Uttar Pradesh. However, the authorities are taking the couple’s claims lightly. They would much rather go in for a DNA test before taking the right decision.

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Doctors say that Ehsaas is a quick learner

That’s it then, folks.

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  1. Poor girl. Probably mentally disturbed, yes, but better for her to have the support of a family than be institutionalized for the rest of her life. i hope the paternity test comes through in the real parents’ favor.

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