Mehrauli Archaeological Park becomes safer for women

I have some good news for solo women travelers wanting to explore the Mehrauli Archaeological Park.

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A deserted tomb in Mehrauli Archaeological Park

The famous Mehrauli Archaeological Park in Delhi is now safer to visit. Now you can visit every nook and cranny of the Park without being ogled at, molested or leered.

I am not saying that this place was unsafe for lady travelers who wished to go there alone. Personally, I have escorted scores of women here, many of them are foreign nationals and each one of them has remarked positively about this Park.

The point that I am trying to make is that the government has removed several squatters in this place and thereby made the Mehrauli Park even safer. 

To be honest, I have indeed seen many urchins loafing around in this beautiful place and I do not think it made the woman travelers feel comfortable.Since the government wants to make the Mehrauli Archaeological Park as a great travel destination, it thought to demolish encroachments here.

Great move indeed.

 Mehrauli Archaeological Park
Rajon ki Baoli in Mehrauli Archaeological Park. Creds- Hindustan Times

I have been coming to the Mehrauli Archaeological Park for six years now and know each nook and cranny of this enchanting place. Most of the encroachments are toward the western side of this place. Here, the boundary walls have been torn down and the locals have set up their shanties and small illegal structures.

It was long overdue that these structures be torn down and now the government has done absolutely the right thing by removing them.

One suggestion from me- after removing all the encroachments, the government should put up a wall around the Mehrauli Archaeological Park and later make this a ticketed complex.

This move will make the Park not just safe for travelers but also a revenue earning stream. It is high time this Park was made even more attractive by the authorities.

All in all, removing illegal encroachments from the Mehrauli Archaeological Park is indeed a great step for women safety in Delhi.

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