Lodhi Garden Photoblog- Who is this mysterious woman dancing here?

I hope my Lodhi Garden Photoblog inspires travelers to visit this garden and spend a few quiet hours here.

Lodhi Garden photowalk
I forgot to ask this girl her name. Shame on me!

Lodhi Garden Photoblog

The best time to visit the Lodhi gardens is late February and early March. The flowers are in full bloom, there is still a nip in the air and generally, you will find quite a few happy faces here.

If you are lucky, you may even spot some music and dance performances.

These gardens are so named because a couple of Lodhi dynasty rulers are buried here.

Lodhi Gardens
One of the Lodhi tombs

This building has several beautiful arches. If you have an HDR enabled camera, then you can take superb photographs.

Lodhi Gardens
Look at these beautiful arches. There is symmetry here.

There is a similar looking mosque in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park but this one takes the honors.

My guess is that this so-called Mosque was a Hindu palace/ temple earlier. Look at the pillars; these have Hindu motifs.

Lodhi garden photoblog
Here is another view of the central chamber of the same mosque.

If you know Arabic or Persian, then I would request you to translate this script for me, please.

Also, notice the small sunflower pattern on one of the sides of this arch. Interesting, isn’t it?

Lodhi garden
I am not sure whether you can notice the blue tiles on this building. These are 500 years old and have survived all these years.

The tall towers on the terrace are called ‘flower pots’ or ‘guldastas’ and are found in many Mughal/ Muslim buildings of Delhi.

The Lodhi dynasty ruled North India from the 1480s till 1527 when it was defeated by the Mughals in the First Battle of Panipat.

Lodhi Garden Photoblog- Bursting with colors

Lets us shift our gaze from grey and somber buildings to flowers.

Lodhi Garden photoblog
Hello world
Lodhi Garden photoblog
My camera can not do justice to this bougainvillea
Lodhi Gardens
Phool Khiley Hain Gulshan Gulshan
Lodhi Garden photoblog
The old paves for the new!
Lodhi Garden photoblog
Red is the season of love
Lodhi Garden photoblog
Not sure if I have captured the myriad shades here
Lodhi Gardens
The yellowed leaves of the Neem tree in Sikandar Lodi’s tomb have made these steps look beautiful

When I climbed up these steps, I found man, a woman and a drone!

Lodhi Garden photoblog
Man, woman, and a drone!

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Sitting Ducks!

It is impossible to miss the kings of Lodhi Gardens- the ducks!

Here you go.

Lodhi Gardens
You can walk right up to them and they will not walk away.
Lodhi Garden photoblog
Sitting ducks!
Lodhi Garden
I found this perspective interesting. Red and White

And finally, the dance of an Apsara!

Lodhi Garden photoblog
Was she an Apsara?
Lodhi Garden photowalk
This pretty woman was sashaying to some wonderful music.

I have taken a video of this wonderful performance. Have a look.


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