Kerala travel ideas- why Wayanad must be on your itinerary

Your Kerala travel ideas list must have Wayanad as one of the destinations. If Kerala is God’s Own Country, then Wayanad is his backyard.

Kerala travel ideas
Magical Wayanad

Wayanad has several things to offer and you are lucky that you are here to read about most of them in one place. Otherwise, you would have to wander from one travel website to another trawling for information and it would have left you none the wiser.

Travel in Kerala starts from September onward so it would be a great idea to start writing notes on what to do in Kerala, especially Wayanad.

So here we go.

                                                                             Wayanad- God’s Own Backyard

  1. Night camping in Wayanad

Location- Thirunelly, Wayanad district

Number of Activity Provider 9611011003

Cost- INR 1,799 per person

Best time to visit/ Duration- 8.30 pm-6.30 am

You will be picked up from your hotel by your tour guide at 8pm in the night and taken to a bungalow inside the forest. Have your dinner and meet other guests. Make acquaintances and network. Important- since there are no toilets at the actual camping site, please refresh yourselves at the bungalow.

The actual camping site is just 500 meters away and you will have to walk all that distance. You will be given flashlights for guidance as it will be pitch dark all around. After a short walk of 10 minutes, you reach your camp.

You will be welcomed with a BBQ. Have fun, play antakshari, sing or dance or simply enjoy the revelry silently. Your tents would be lit up by kerosene- powered lanterns. Beds are comfortable, and there will be no mosquitoes around. When you get up in the morning at 6.30, you will be pleasantly surprised to find yourself amidst tea-plantations. You will be enveloped by a thick fog. Enjoy your surroundings and thank your tour organizer for such a mesmerizing experience. Your breakfast is served at the bungalow.

  1. Trekking in Wayanad
images of Wayanad के लिए इमेज परिणाम
image courtesy- HolidayIQ

Location- Thirunelly, Wayanad

Number- 9539701354

Cost- INR 30,999

Duration- 4 days and 3 nights

Thought the cost is high, this package tour is more than value for money. As part of this package, you get a welcome drink on arrival. There is a fruit basket in your room, so go ahead, refresh yourself. This package includes a guided nature trail in the surrounding forest.

Check in at the hotel at 12 noon, and have lunch at 1 pm. At 3.30, you will be taken to a plantation within the resort. Return to your room by 6.30 and have some rest. Dinner will be served at 8 pm. Next morning, after having your breakfast, you will be taken to the Banasura Hill where you will be served lunch. Return to your resort by 6.30 for tea and biscuits. Dinner will be served at 9 pm. Next day, explore your resort and check out at 11 am.

  1. Cycling in Wayanad

Location- Wayanad

Cost- INR 999

Duration- 3 hours

This cost of cycling in Wayanad includes a meal and the services of a trained guide.

Partake the rolling valleys of Wayanad, enjoy the fresh mountain air, watch the Wayanad wildlife and birds and generally make lots of friends with your fellow bikers. Wayanad is known the world over for its beauty. The trails are rugged and the cyclists are expected to have a fair bit of physical strength.

Arrive at Chundale by 2.30. Your guide will explain you about what to expect and the nature of the trail. Please follow his instructions so that you and the others can enjoy this trek. During this cycle ride, you will see some glorious waterfalls and Wayanad wildlife. By 6 pm, the trek gets over and you are back at Chundale for tea and snacks. Please carry a cap, sunscreen lotion, goggles and a valid ID. Water and cycling gear will be provided by the trek organizers.

  1. Camping in Wayanad
Kerala travel ideas
image courtesy- Tripadvisor

Location-  Padinharethara, Wayanad

Number- 97473 30303

Cost- INR 3,000

Duration- 2 days, 1 night

This camping activity in Wayanad includes meals and several interesting events. Head over to one of the many resorts in Wayanad and refresh your mind, body, and soul. This particular stay is spread over 25 acres. It has spacious and pretty rooms, and each one of them offers a breathtaking view of the forests and the countryside. Wayanad is well known the world over for its breathtaking scenery.

Your stay at this resort will be memorable. Participate in trekking, fishing, and tug-of-war activities. And that is not all. The 2-day camping at Wayanad would also include mountain biking, commando walking, river crossing and zip-lining. In the evening, you will be entertained by folk songs and dances. Other activities include a trek to a plantation.

The above activities will be complemented by yoga and an Ayurvedic spa. Please note that this resort will put you up in tented accommodation. Food will be non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian. Check-in time is 1 pm.

  1. Cave camping in Wayanad

Location- Makkamjunnu, Wayanad

Cost- INR 1,999 per person

Duration-12 hours

Have you ever stayed in a cave? Join this cave camping tour and tick off this unique experience from your bucket list. Lie down upon the bare floors of the caves and look up at the star spangled skies above. Listen to the crickets and other insects in the forest around you and lose yourself in the lap of nature. You don’t need to pay anything extra for the air-conditioned air in the cave.

Camps are also available close by. If you think that the hard cave floor will do injustice to your back, then you may occupy one of the many beds in those tents. Make friends, sing, and dance along with your cave-mates and generally have fun. You can even have a campfire to yourself.

This activity includes tea/ coffee and snacks. Kindly make your own arrangements for coming to this venue. The cost includes the services of a guide as well. For your own comfort, please carry a water bottle, a flashlight with a set of extra batteries. A cap, and an extra jacket will be helpful. Please put on a set of comfortable shoes.

  1. Trek to Chembra peak

Location- Wayanad

Number- +91 471 2321132

Cost- Not Available

Duration- 4.5 hours

Contact Kerala Tourism at the above number for transport and hotel options while planning a trek to Chembra peak. To reach the starting point of this trek, you will have to change several buses. If you are coming from Bangalore then take the Volvo bus which will straight away take you to Chembra. Otherwise using a public transport means coming first to Kalpetta, then Meppadi, and then finally to Chembra.

At Kalpetta, you will get several lodges where you can freshen yourself before your trek. The total distance of the Chembra trek is 4.5 kilometers. If you are reasonably fit, you can complete it less than 5 hours. Take this trek easy as there are several beautiful spots in the way. Do not forget to miss the heart-shaped lake. This trek is pretty easy for most of the travelers.

You will have to take permission from the forest authorities for the Chembra trek. Camping is not allowed in Chembra. Best time to trek up to Chembra is post-monsoon.

images of Wayanad के लिए इमेज परिणाम
Wayanad. Images -Thrillophillia
  1. Rafting in Wayanad

Location- Anoth river, Wayanad

Number- +0914936202134

Duration- 1 hour

Cost- INR 2000 per raft

This is a recent initiative from Kerala Tourism. If you want to live life slowly while traveling in Kerala, then river rafting in the Anoth is a great opportunity.

It is advisable to book your seat in the raft a couple of days in advance. Typically, a raft can hold 5-6 people at a time. In the peak tourist season, which is post-monsoon, there is a mad rush for seats in the rafts. Each raft has a guide who tells about the sights and sounds of the river and the surrounding forest.

Please note that the cost of the rafting experience is dynamic. If you want to enjoy a 6 kilometre raft ride, then INR 2,000 is the fare. Prices go up if you want to ride upto 13 or 18 kilometres. Then there is a special rafting expedition called Explore Wayanad which has a duration of 2days and one night. It costs INR 25,000 per person.

  1. Boating at Bansura Sagar Dam

Location- Wayanad, Kerala

Cost- INR 750

Duration-20 minutes

Number- 08590230403

The Bansura Sagar Dam is India’s largest earthen dam and is situated in the Wayanad district of Kerala. The A lake has been formed by damming a river and many travelers come to it to enjoy boating. Towering high above the dam is the Bansura Hills.

In order to approach the dam , you need to hire a jeep as it is some distance away from the main road. There are two kinds of boats available. The faster ones can accommodate fewer people and cost INR 750 while the slower ones have a capacity of 20 people. So, even if you are a family of 3, you will have to pay the full fare unless you want to combine with another family.

The total length of the boat ride is 7 kilometers. Ask your boatman to take the boat to the various nooks and crannies around the lake. When you are finished with boating, you can enjoy the swings in the nearby park.

  1. Boating at Pookode lake

Location- Kalpetta, Wayanad

Number- 08590230403

Cost- INR 150 and upwards

Duration- 20 minutes

The Pookode lake feeds the Vythiry river which ultimately drains into the Kabini. Shaped like the map of India, the Pookode lake is a favorite destination for weekend picnickers. Boating is their favorite activity. There are different charges for the boat ride. For example, it would cost INR 50 for a group of 4, but the charge would drop to Rs. 100 for a group of 8. You can also enjoy kayaking here which costs INR 100 per person. The duration of kayaking is 30 minutes.

Refresh your mind, body, and soul by boating in this crystal clear river which is home to several blue lotuses. The best months to visit this lake are January to May in summers and September to December in winters.

Kalpetta is fairly accessible from Calicut which is the nearest railhead. The closest airport is also at Calicut. Book a cab to reach Kalpetta. Apart from boating, you and your kids can enjoy the aquarium, and the fish spa.

  1. Bamboo rafting in Kuruva islands

Location- Wayanad

Cost- INR 1,380

Duration- 2 hours

Number- 9544201249

Located 48 kilometers from Kalpetta, the Kuruva islands are located in the middle of the Kabini river. Spread over 950 acres. these islands are home to several rare species of birds, plants and animals. The Kerala government is promoting these islands as eco-tourism destinations.

Travelers to these islands need to pay a nominal sum of money for entrance tickets. Please note that these islands are environmentally fragile and therefore you should not play loud music or organize picnics here.

Bamboo rafting in Kuruva islands is for all those who want to lose themselves in natural surroundings. Discover your inner selves by joining one of these boating tours. These islands are open for visitors from October to May. The rafts are provided by the Kerala government and if you want to explore all the islands, then your expedition will take a few hours. Ask your tour guide to take you to that particular spot in the river where you can jump into the water without getting stuck in the mud.

How to reach Wayanad


    There are no regular flights from other major cities of the country to Wayanad. The nearest airport is Calicut International Airport.

    Wayanad61 km away

    Calicut International Airport (CCJ), Kozhikode, Kerala

    Wayanad87 km away

    Mysore Airport (MYQ), Mysore, Karnataka


    Wayanad does not have a train station. Nearest option is Nilambur Road.

    Wayanad51 km away

    Nilambur Road (NIL), Nilambur, Kerala

    Wayanad53 km away

    Koyilandy (QLD), Koyilandy, Kerala


You can easily get regular buses to Wayanad from other major cities of the country.

Bus Station(s): Wayanad, Wayanad

Helpful resources for planning your Kerala travel ideas

  1. Indian Railways-  
  2. Air India 
  3. Hotels in Wayanad
  4. Kerala Tourism Department- Here you will get authentic travel information
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