Karnataka travel ideas- what to do in Chitradurga

Pick up your Karnataka travel ideas here. Find out what all you can do in Chitradurga by reading this post on some of the lesser known Karnataka destinations.

Karnataka travel ideas
The distance from Bangalore to Chitradurga is 200 kilometers

Karnataka travel ideas- what to do in Chitradurga?

About Chitradurga

Chitradurga is much more than just its imposing fort. If you are looking for a mix of history, religion, and some adventure then Chitradurga is the place to be in.

1. Camping in Chandrawati River Caves

Karnataka travel ideas
Choose your tour operator for rafting in Chitradurga

Location- 200 kilometers from Bangalore

Cost- Unavailable

Number of activity provider- 974225129

Timings/ Duration- 2 days

This camping tour starts from Bangalore from where you will be taken to Chitradurga. Your tour operator will pick you up from your hotel in Chitradurga and later you will be escorted to the camping site. The actual tour starts at 8 a.m in the morning.

Chitradurga is 200 kilometers from Bangalore and offers several attractions like jungle treks, waterfall treks and an expedition to the famous Chitradurga fort. Your tour guide will explain you the basic safety steps before starting the Chandrawati caves trek. Around noon time, you will be served packed lunch and after that you proceed to the hauntingly beautiful Chandrawati caves built by natural forces. Spend some time in these natural formations and watch the sun go down from here.

In the evening, begin your journey back to your campsite and later head back to Bangalore. While at your campsite, have a lovely dinner by a bonfire and enjoy the company of the other fellow travelers.

  1. Shouting Rock Trek
images of Shouting Rock in Chitradurga के लिए इमेज परिणाम
Get a bird’s eye-view of the Chitradurga fort from the Shouting Rock

Location- Molakalmuru, Chitradurga, Karnataka

Timings- Throughout the year

Cost of Activity- Not provided

Number of provider- 974225129

The shouting rock is one of the star attractions in the Chitradurga fort. This place is so called because of the echo produced by your shout. The Chitradurga fort is located in the north-eastern part of the city. Also known as Giridurg, this fort is defended by seven walls, three at the base and four on the top.

When you visit this ancient fort, you will be impressed by a giant stone vessel which contained huge volumes of oil. This stone vessel is placed near the entrance of the fort. An ancient temple inside the fort complex will also hold your attention. This temple is devoted to Lord Hanuman. When you go inside further, you will see several grinding stones that were used to grind gunpowder. The shouting rock is located behind the Hanuman temple. Try your vocal cords here and let the world know that you have been to the Chitradurga fort.

There are several hotels located in the town and the average room rent is INR 300. Yatri Nivas, Naveen Regency, and Amogha International are some of the more popular hotels in this town.

  1. Trek to Doddahotrangappa hill- Karnataka travel ideas

image of Doddahotrangappa hill के लिए इमेज परिणाम
View from the top of the Doddahotrangapaa hill

Number of Experience Provider- 974225129

Cost of Activity- INR 9000

Timings- Any time during the year, winter preferred

Location- Near Lord Ranganathswamy Temple, Holakhere, 35 kms from Chitradurga

The Doddahotrangappa hill is known for the temple of Lord Ranganathswamy. Devoted to Lord Vishnu, this temple can be reached at by a flight of steps. Climbing the hill is not difficult but during summers, the climb can be tiring. There are few trees on the way so it is better to climb the hill in the evenings when it is cooler.

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Descending the hill can be a little tricky and if you are a regular hill climber then it should not be any problem for you. Carry lunch and ample water because there are no restaurants on the way. Once you reach the top, you will forget your tiredness.

The Doddahotrangappa hill is located 35 kilometers from Chitradurga on the way to Shimoga. Undertake this trip to the hill only after you are finished visiting the Chitradurga fort and other attractions in the city.

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  1. Vani Vilas Sagar Dam

images of Vani Vilas Sagar Dam के लिए इमेज परिणाम

Location- Hiriyur, 160 kilometers from Bangalore

Number of Provider- 974225129

Cost of Activity- USD 175 upwards

Timings/ Best time to visit- Winters, early summers. 8.30 am- 5.30 pm

Combine the trip to the Vani Vilas Sagar Dam with that to the Chitradurga fort. Once you have finished exploring the ancient citadel of Chitradurga, you can drive to this fantastic destination.

The Vani Vilas Sagar dam is made over the Vedpathi river. The approach to the dam is excellent and the roads are well made. Reach the base of the hill and park your car or taxi. The other option is to take your car right on top of the hill and park it there. Though this dam is not a very popular tourist destination, one can still find several locals hanging in here. Vendors selling chat and cold drinks add to the fun quotient of this place.

From the top of the hill, you can view the dam. Take a flight of steps and descend to the dam, take a walk and absorb the calmness of the evening. Watch the sun go down and return home with lots of memories.

  1. Day Trip Chitradurga Fort-Karnataka travel ideas

Cost of Activity- USD 175 upwards

Number of Activity/Transport Provider- 974225129

Timings/ Best Time to Visit- Winters/ Early Summers

Location- 200 kms north of Bangalore

Many private tour operators offer a day trip to Chitradurga in their cars or taxis. In case you want to go to Chitradurga on a motorcycle, there are a few operators who let out their Royal Enfield bikes. The cost above is indicative.

Depart from Bangalore at 7.30 in the morning, and after a drive of 70 kilometers, you will arrive at Tumkur. This small town is known for millets, pulses, and other crops. Have your breakfast here, and then proceed toward Chitradurga. The Karnataka government has laid down an excellent road to Chitradurga so you will not tire out in your journey.

The fort at Chitradurga was made a few centuries ago but this town has a history of more than 2,000 years. It was a part of the Mauryan Empire so all the history lovers on this tour will find Chitradurga an exciting place. Explore the fort at a leisurely pace and once you are done can decide to stay back in one of the local hotels.

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