June 2018 Indian fairs and festivals-your ready reckoner

So, which are the top June 2018 Indian fairs and festivals? I have compiled a list for you, and I hope you will like it. June marks the beginning of monsoons in certain parts of India, though the northern part of the country remains blazing hot.

In this post, we will introduce you to the spiritual, and the fun and frolic oriented June 2018 Indian fairs and festivals. Hope you like it.

  1. Angarki Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat- 13 June, Tuesday

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He removes all the obstacles from your path

We all know who Lord Ganesh is, isn’t it? For those who are new to this blog, He is the God who removes all the obstacles from our paths. Though He is pot-bellied and has a big body, Ganesh is a jovial God who is fond of laddus or sweet meat. He rides a mouse and is immensely popular among his devotees.

Now here is a short story about the importance of Angarki Ganesh Chaturthi.

The word Angaraki means Mangaldev or Mars.

One day, Lord Mangal decided to pray to Lord Ganesh. His prayer continued for several months and finally, Lord Ganesh appeared in front of His devotee. The day that Ganesh appeared was a Tuesday or Mangal and the date was Chaturthi or the fourth day of the lunar month.

Ganesh ji was quite delighted by the devotion of his bhakt and promised Mangaldev that all those who worship Ganesh jin on a Chaturthi falling on Tuesday will be rewarded.

So, there is a lovely opportunity for all of you to make Lord Ganesh happy this 13th June. Pray to him and ask for His blessings. Watch your troubles melt away.

2. Kalashtami, June 17, Saturday

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Kalashtami is made of two words- Kala and Ashtami.

This means that on Ashtami or the eighth day of the lunar month, we celebrate the birth of Lord Kal Bhairav. He is the ‘raudra’ or angry version of Lord Shiva. If you worship Lord Kal Bhairav on June 17 this year, I hope all your worries will go away.

There is an interesting tale behind the origin of Lord Kal Bhairava.

It is said that one day Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma started debating over who among them was superior. Neither of the two Gods was unwilling to yield His ground and finally, the argument reached Lord Shiva.

He listened to the arguments of both the two Gods and finally decided in favor of Vishnu. Bramha did not like it and began insulting Shiva. Upon hearing these insults, the Lord of Time became very angry and this is how Lord Kal Bhairava came into being.

To make Lord Kal Bhairava happy, you need to do the following things:

  1. Feed a dog because this animal is the carrier of the Lord.
  2. Observe a fast for the entire day.
  3. Listen to the stories of Lord Mahakal the entire day.
  4. Offer tributes to your dead ancestors.
  5. Go to a temple and feed the priests out there.

If you are in Delhi, then you can visit the Bhairon Mandir here 

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