Jog Falls- 5 activities that will refresh your mind, body and soul

Heading to Jog Falls in Karnataka this summer? Here are all the things that you can do to refresh your mind, body, and soul.

Jog Falls
There are four streams that make this Fall- Raja, Rani, Rocket, and Roarer

About Jog Falls

Also called as Gersoppa Falls, Jog Falls are the second highest free flow falls in India. Located in the Sagar Taluka of Shimoga district, these Falls are an important part of any traveler’s itinerary in Karnataka. These Falls break the Sharavathi river in Shimoga district which later goes on to drain itself in the Arabian Sea.

Refresh your body and soul by indulging in these activities around Jog Falls.

1. Watch the Laser show in Jog Falls

laser show at Jog Falls
Image Credits- Thrillophilia

Location- District Shimoga, Karnataka, India

Cost of Attraction- Not Available

Number of Activity Provider-7259296557

Timings-July- September

This show at Jog Falls takes place daily  If you want to enjoy the show from your hotel room, then you may book it at Hotel Mayura Gersoppa. It is a Government of Karnataka property.

The laser light show is free to watch and the technology is from Singapore. Book your trip to Jog Falls during monsoons to maximize your viewing pleasure.

When the Sharavathi falls 830 feet down, its droplets split into billions of small parts. When the laser beams pierce these droplets, they create an out-of-the-world experience.

During summers, the flow of water is reduced substantially, so the magic is subdued.

There are no steps or paths leading downwards towards the pool created by the Jog Falls. However, during summers, you can cross the river easily from one side to another.

Apart from Mayura, there are other hotels too in the vicinity. The better ones are located in Sagar which is a few miles away from the Falls.

2. Musical Karanji Show, Jog Falls

Location- Jog Falls, District Shimoga, Karnataka, India

Cost of Activity- Not Available

Number of Vendor- Not Available

Timings- 7 pm onward

One of the more famous attractions at the Jog Falls is the Musical Karanji show. It was started in 2013, and since then, this show has become the heart and soul of the famous Gersoppa Falls.

Listen to some enchanting classical music during this musical show, the laser lights literally dance to the tunes of the musical instruments. It appears as though these lights have acquired a life and are dancing in tune with the various instruments.

There is no cost for watching this activity.

While at the Jog Falls, you can stay in a few hotels but the better ones are located a few miles away at Sagar. The average room rent of the hotels in the Jog Falls area is INR 3,000 plus taxes.

For taking videos of the musical show, you will need to bring along night vision equipment. Standard cameras will not work there.

3. Kayaking and Boating

Location- Sagar Taluk, Kalyani Chowk, Shimoga

Number of Experience Provider – 9945074806

Cost of Activity- INR 10 per person

Timings- 10 am in the morning

If you are planning to visit the Chamundeshwari Temple from Jog Falls, then having a ferry ride on the Sharavathi river is an excellent idea.

The boat staff are excellent in service and having this ride on Sharavathy is truly an amazing and unforgettable experience. Listen to the sights and sounds of the jungle as your boat makes its way to the temple.

Travelers who want to enjoy this boat ride will have to wait for their turn at the ticket counter as there is a sizable crowd awaiting its turn. Bring your lunch along because sometimes the wait stretches to 5-6 hours.

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The boat ride doesn’t cost much, it is just Rs. 10 per person. For this experience, you will have to drive down from Shimoga to the Sagar Taluk. Be prepared to share your boat ride with buses and cars. It is an  80-kilometer drive.

Tip- to enjoy tour boat ride, book your slot in the morning. Afternoons are hot and will spoil the fun.

4. Boating Talakale Dam

images of Talakalale Dam
Image creds-

Location- Talakale Reservoir, Shimoga

Number of Operator- 7259296557

Cost of Activity- Not available

Timing- July- August

Jog Falls is on the Sharavathi river in Shimoga district. Here, the river falls down to 830 feet and later drains into the Arabian Sea.

Another attraction on the Jog Falls is the Talakale Dam which offers boating opportunities to travelers. It is operated by the Jungle Lodges Resort Administration.

Jog Falls is an 8 hours drive from Bengaluru but once you reach your destination, you will forget all your tiredness. Check into one of the several British era cottages and unwind. These cottages also offer you a panorama of the reservoir, jungle, and the Jog Falls.

The best time to visit this reservoir is during July and August. With so much of water around, you will forget all your worries. The steam that comes up from the bottom of the Falls adds to the magic.

There are other features too like rafting, musical show and a boat ride to the Chamundeshwari Temple.

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5.Short hike tour- 3D view of Jog Falls

Cost of Activity- Not available

Number of Operator- Not available

Timing –July and August

Location- Jog Falls, Shimoga District, Karnataka

Get a 3-D view of the Jog Falls by checking in at one of the lodges bordering the Talakale reservoir. These British era cottages will give you an excellent view of the Jog Falls, the neighboring forests and the reservoir itself.

The best time to visit this site is during July- August when there is an abundance of rainfall. You can see steam rising from the base of the Falls and it adds to the magic of the area. If you want to explore the forests, then there is a safe and pretty path that lets you do so. Click photos of birds and butterflies and take home lots of memories.

To get a 3-D view of the Jog Falls, one can take a boat ride in the reservoir.

The restaurants nearby serve simple Kannada food so if you are from outside the state, you can carry the food of your choice. Another interesting thing that you can catch during your hike tour is the musical fountains.

How to reach Jog Falls

By Air– The closest airport is at Mangalore. Jog Falls is 240 kilometers from Jog Falls and you can easily book a taxi from the airport.

By Rail– The closest railway station is at Shimoga. This city is well connected to Bengaluru, Mysore, and Vasco.

By Road – Book your seat in any state-run bus that starts from Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, and Shimoga to reach Jog Falls.

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