Indian Travel Stories come alive on India Gate lawns this October


This October, Indian government did a great job of making  the Indian travel stories come alive on the India Gate lawns.


Have a look at some of the pictures and videos in this article. The idea is to not just share Indian travel destinations but to present India by way of its music, food , dance and yes, colors.

India Travel Stories
Beats of India
Indian Travel Stories
We love dancing

We love dancing. Dancing is into our DNA. At the drop of a hat, we would love to dance even though we have two left feet.

Indian Travel Stories
The drums may have fallen silent, but we are always ready for the drum beats


India has 28 states, and each state has a unique music tradition of its own. Look at these singers from Rajasthan- one of the most colorful states of India.

Indian Travel Stories
Look at their colorful headgear

There are two main instruments being played here- Phad or Fad and Dholak.

Now, have a look at these lady dancers from Rajasthan who are dancing with pitchers on their heads!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, have a look at these handsome men from another part of India displaying their dance skills.

Paryatan Parv

These dancers from the southern part of India.

Indian Travel Stories
What colors!

Now let us catch a few glimpses of some dances from up north.

Indian culture
Folk dancers from Jammu

The man is saying to the young woman that he won’t drink water unless he finally marries her! These artistes are from the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

There is another picture of these artistes.

I like their colourful parasols.

You may also read about a popular dance form called Kathak here…

India Travel Stories and food


No Indian travel story is complete without food. A few states like Kerala, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh had put up their stalls on this occasion.

Indian Travel Stories

Another name of this ‘bed’ is cot. People in small villages and towns across India sit on these cots and talk, eat, and generally have fun. The strands of a khatiya are made of jute.

But we digress…we should be talking about food in this section.

Indian Street Food

No one can have just one laddoo. Made of corn/maize powder, a laddoo is easy to make and is yummy to eat. Many Hindus offer laddoos to gods as offerings.

Indian Street Food

Kachoris are my favorite snack. These ones are deep fried and sinful to eat….Costing INR 50, these surely were quite costly for me ))

Street Food

Ok, ok, I am not a food photographer, but I am sure this Rabri will make you say slurp slurp.

Image may contain: samosas
The superlicious, tastylicious samosas

Samosas are the most popular street food in the whole of North India. Many years ago, I used to have 2 samosas daily!

Indian Travel Stories
Funny man

This Rajasthani man is one Mr. Gupta and he was selling his street food there. When I requested him for his photograph, he readily agreed and gave his best shot. Look at his turban.

Indian Street Food
Seller of dry fruits
Mango juice
Mango juice

This stall was selling juice from raw mangoes. Juice from raw mango helps people cope with heat in the summers.

I clicked several pictures yesterday and now I find difficult to select the best out of them.

Some more pics follow;

A perfect background for taking selfies.

Paryatan Parv
Paryatan Parv

These two words mean A Festival of Travel.

What a beautiful frame it is !

Bihu is a dance form from Assam. Do you want to know more about it? Click here>

That’s it folks!

I hope you liked this post on Indian Travel Stories.


  1. A very beautiful way of spreading awareness on the culture of India I must say. And there is representation from different states and different cultures which is indeed great…

  2. This is a lovely glimpse of the Indian culture – the dances, the food and those costumes. It is a lovely initiative and they should do this across various tourist hubs. Thanks for sharing these

  3. i love how colorful and fun the Indian festivities are… I can also attest that Indians really love to dance and how great they are in it.. when I attended an Indian festival here in PH.. the event is filled with energetic music and everybody is dancing gracefully with it.. it was so much fun

  4. Wow! Sounds like it would’ve been so much fun to attend, hehe. I hope to experience an Indian festival soon. I love the colors! Also can’t wait to try some other Indian foods, so far I’ve only had Samosas (which I love).

  5. I absolutely loved going through your post and viewing your beautiful colourful images! I’ve dreamt of travelling to India especially for events like this! They look so festive and fun!

    I’m hoping in 2019 I can finally make the trip!

  6. I’m familiar with samosa but not with kachoris. What is it made of? It’s awesome to know that each state has its own music. I hope we got to listen or view some of it through a video. Anyway, thank you for sharing the vibrant culture of India. I had fun reading it ?

  7. India is always celebrating so much colorful and vibrant festivals. This is one of the reason it’s a great country when it comes to tourism. The pictures are looking so colorful and fantastic.

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