Indian culture story- Narsingh, the half fuman, half lion god

I was inspired to write this Indian culture story after I read about the deadly truck attack in Toronto. When such violent attacks reach their limit, God Almighty comes down as an avatar to save the humanity.

Indian culture story
Prahlad and Lord Narasimha. Image credits- Twitter

This Indian culture story is about Hiranyakashyap, and his deeply spiritual son, Prahlad.

An Indian culture story

A long time ago, Mother Earth was ruled by King Hiranyakashyap. He was a cruel ruler and did not believe in God Almighty. Like many other vain rulers, Hiranyakashyap thought of himself as the Lord of Universe.

This brutal king used to kill or put in jail all those who believed in the concept of God. For Hiranyakashyap, there was no Bramha, no Vishnu, and no Shiva. It was only the king who mattered and anyone who did not respect the king was liable to be executed.

For those who are new to my blog, Bramha, Vishnu, and Shiva represent the Holy Trinity.

Not surprisingly, King Hiranyakashyap was a much-feared man in his kingdom. People started suspecting one another also thinking that the other person might be a spy of the king. To cut the long story short, the kingdom became a sort of hell.

But there was one man who did not obey the king’s orders.

He was Prahlad, the son of King Hiranyakashyap.

Unlike his father, young Prahlad was a devout Vaishnava. The young prince was a devoted follower of Lord Vishnu. His day started by chanting all the 1000 names of Vishnu and ended by a prayer to the Lord.

Of course, the king did not like this behavior of his young son. Prahlad was indirectly questioning the authority of the mighty king Hiranyakashyap!

Of course, like any other father the king also tried to dissuade his son from Vishnu, but failed miserably. Then Hiranya tried other means to make Prahlad hate Vishnu but still failed. The young boy was steadfast in his loyalty toward Vishnu, Protector of the Universe.

Over a period, Hiranyakashyap became so fed up with his child that he decided to kill Prahlad.

One day, the unsuspecting boy was thrown in the front of elephants for trampling but Prahlad escaped. On another occasion, the young prince was thrown into a river but again, he escaped his death. Lord Vishnu was protecting him all the time.

By now, Hiranyakashyap was seething with rage. He just wanted his own child to die immediately.

One day, the king invited the young Prahlad to the court. When the prince arrived, the king asked him to sit next to him.

‘Prahlad,’ the king said in front of his court,’ can you call Vishnu to this place right now?’

‘I can, O Father,’ the young boy replied.

Is Vishnu present in that pillar over there?

Oh yes, I am sure Lord Vishnu is present not just in that pillar but everywhere in this vast room, Prahlad replied.

Then I want to see your Vishnu right now, Hiranyakashyap demanded. And if you cannot prove his presence, then you are a dead man.

Prahlad agreed to this condition and began praying to the Lord. ‘O Lord, have mercy on me, please deliver me from this evil King who is my father.

Hours passed but there was no trace of Vishnu. Prahlad’s heart was sinking but he still had not lost any hope. He kept praying to Vishnu.

After a few hours had passed, Hiranyakashyap decided to kill Prahlad.The cruel king got up from his throne and pulled out his sword. Advancing toward Prahlad, Hiranyakashyap was convinced that today was the last day of the young boy.

Meanwhile, the young Prahlad was still immersed in his prayers.

Everybody was convinced that the young Prahlad was going to be murdered by Hiranyakashyap finally. There was sadness everywhere.

But as the king was advancing toward Prahlad, a big pillar in the room collapsed down. There was lightning and thunder all around in the big room and nobody had the slightest clue about what was going around.

When the dust cleared, everybody saw a strange creature inside the vast room. He was half lion and half human and had long claws. This strange man-animal was snarling and his eyes burned like coal. The mouth was half closed and everybody could see the big tongue flaring outside. It was really a very scary sight.

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When the king saw this beast, he was overcome with terror. All his life, Hiranyakashyap had never seen this kind of an animal. The first reaction of the king was to run away.

But the king could not escape this beast. With a giant leap, the beast reached Hiranyakashyap, grabbed him and carried the king to the entrance of the hall. There, the beast seated himself on a bench and placed the king on his lap. And then, with hi long claws, the beast tore open the body of the king. Blood oozed out of the abdomen of Hiranyakashyap and in a short while, the king was dead.

नरसिंह जयंती का व्रत रखने से होती है सभी की मनोकामना पूरी

It was neither morning nor night at the time of the king’s death.

That ‘beast’ was Lord Narasimha, the avatar of Lord Vishnu. The Lord had heard the prayers of Prahlad and had come in the form of a half-human, half- lion to save his devotee.

The reason I wrote this Indian culture story was that I felt deeply sad upon reading about the murderous Toronto attack. How can some people be so violent? Don’t they have any conscience? How can some people decide so easily to take the lives of others? These murderous people don’t realize that a day will come when they will have no place to hide themselves. There is a limit to the patience of the good people.

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