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India Travel Blog today takes you to the abandoned village of Madhyamika. Is this place haunted? I do not know but the settlement does emit an eerie feeling. The locals are unsure why this once flourishing town ceased to exist more than a thousand years ago.

Where is Madhyamika located?

This “haunted” village is located roughly 10 kilometers north-east of Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Readers of India Travel Blog can locate some interesting stories about Chittorgarh elsewhere in this blog. This town , which is now a village comprising 50 odd settlements, sits on the banks of Berach.

So, what is so special about Madhyamika?

Also known as Nagri, Madhyamika was an important centre during the Mauryan period.Ok, let me make it even simpler- Madhyamika was living its life during the times of Alexander of Macedonia. Yes, he was the same guy who tried invading India after getting the better of Iran and the Middle East. Since this town sat on the trade route from Afghanistan to the ports of Gujarat, it became an important trading centre for many.

We are talking about more than 2700 years ago!!!

But, let us come back to the original question- what is so special about Madhyamika or Nagri? According to legends, this town was founded by Raja Harishchandra. This Raja is one of the members of the solar race that comprises eminent kings like Raja Rama (the hero of Ramayana). You cannot really prove this assumption but coins as old as 3000 years have been said to be found here.

India Travel
            Was it a lighthouse that guided the travellers?

So, that makes Madhyamika or Nagri one of the oldest living settlements in India. Can we say that it rubs shoulders with Varanasi?

The legend of the Shibis

Ancient India had several republics or janapadas. One such janapada was the Shibi republic. The Shibis were residents of modern Punjab. It is conjectured that the Shibis were active participants in the war against Alexander of Macedonia. After this war, they migrated roughly south-east wards and settled in the area later known as Madhyamika. However, nothing is proven yet.

The city that faced the first sack

You would be amused to know that Nagri was the first Indian town to have faced the first sack by a foreign invader. It would have come as a surprise to the Nagri citizens because Indian kings never sacked the towns of the kings that they were at war with. The Sanskrit grammarian, Patanjali, has recorded this sack in his memoirs. Probably, the sack happened more than 2000 years ago.

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More than 600 years of existence

Nagri was a city that was in existence for roughly 600 years. Its disappearance is inexplicable. Some people surmise that an earthquake flattened it, while others ascribe its fall to frequent sackings and invasions.

A treasure trove of artefacts and coins

Even though there are very few traces of the haunted and abandoned  town of Madhyamika today, an alert traveller can still find a few coins , idols, figurines and other artefacts. India Travel Blog strongly recommends that if you find anything interesting, please hand it over to the government authorities for safe keeping.

Nagri has ceased to exist but its legend carries on. Not many travellers know about it. But, gradually, over a period of time, people interested in unknown destinations are getting to know about such places , which is a good sign.

How to reach Nagri?

If you are driving from Chittorgarh towards Jaipur, then the best way to reach here is via a car or a taxi. You will have to take a slight detour towards the right away from the highway. The nearest airport is at Udaipur.

Other places of interest near by are Gagron, Chittor and Kota-Bundi area.

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  1. There are places that we visit that leaves a creep on us. Due to its history and all the lies through the years have passed we sometimes get into the state. Truly a certain place really offers rich history. I would love to visit India and explore!

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