India’s Most Haunted Places- Gagron, Rajasthan

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The haunted fort of Gagron

Planning to visit India? One of the most interesting  and haunted places to visit in November this year is the unknown destination of Gagron in Rajasthan.You can also visit it during December or January and soak in the amazing experience of the haunted fort of Gagron.

How to reach Gagron?

Well, this amazing place in India is located south of Ranthambore, the famous tiger sanctuary of India. You will have to take a cab from Ranthambore or Sawai Madhopur to reach the district headquarters of Jhalawar. Gagron is just a short distance from Jhalawar. Alternately, if you are in Udaipur while reading this, then book a cab from there to reach Gagron. This is one of the many places that you can visit in December with your family.

So, what happened in this haunted place?

The fort was constructed by a king several hundreds of years ago, maybe one thousand years back. For the next 300 years, it remained with the same dynasty. All was well and quiet and peaceful till the 15th century AD when tragedy struck. 
One of the sultans of Mandu ( and you must visit Mandu too during your visit to India) ,Hoshang Shah, was enamoured with the riches of Gagron.He decided to invade it with a large army. The resident Rajput king of Gangron, Achaldas, held out for several months. He was a brave guy but the fort did not have adequate reserves of food and water.
It was a moment of crisis for Achaldas and after consulting his nobles, he decided to let out a last hurrah.The Rajput ladies decided to immolate themselves before their men folk went on their last campaign.
All the Rajput ladies and their small kids burnt themselves to death. This practice was called Jauhar in the ancient days.
After the ladies burnt themselves to death, the Rajput menfolk draped themselves in saffron coloured clothes and charged at their enemy. But. alas, not one of the men survived the battle.Hoshang Shah emerged victorious and captured the fort.
The troubled soul of the king, Achaldas, is said to haunt the for all these hundreds of years.

The Mystery of the King’s Bed

Achaldas’ properties were not touched by Hoshang Shah  after the battle. The sultan left them intact ,he was so enchanted by the bravery of Achaldas.

One of the properties of the king was his bed that survived till 1950. It was said by the locals that  the cleaner of the bed used to find 5 rupees every morning by the side of the furniture ! The keeper of the fort, Thakur Moti Singh tells us that he used to listen to voices of people enjoying the hookah from inside the locked room of the king! Was the room haunted? I do not know.

No Foundations And Three Walls

The fort of Gagron is perhaps the only castle in India that does not have any foundations. Another interesting thing is that the fort is surrounded by 3 walls. Another interesting feature of the Gagron fort is that it is surrounded by a river on its 3 sides.

Forts of India

Traitor, parrot squawked!

This is a very interesting story on Gagron. Read on…The parrots of this place speak in human voices. It is said that upon the capture of this fort by Humayun, the Mughal king found a parrot in the belongings of the defeated sultan, Bahadur Shah. The parrot could speak in a human voice.

This parrot had heard the plans of a noble of Bahadur Shah to assassinate Humayun. The name of the noble was Rumi Khan.Rumi presented himself to Humayun and asked for refuge. But, as soon as the parrot saw Rumi , it squawked., “Rumi is a traitor, don’t believe him!” Rumi Khan was embarrassed no end and had to leave the service of Humayun a few days later. Humayun was the father of Akbar.

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The other places that you can explore nearby are the forts of Boondi, Kota and of course the city of Udaipur.

Thanks for reading this post, hope you enjoyed it.



  1. Nice post. Can this be done as a day trip from Udaipur? How long will it take to visit? Also, how safe is it to visit, if you are a solo female traveler? Thanks!

  2. I love travelling to places with unique and interesting histories and this seems to fit that bill perfectly!

  3. I never heard the story of Gagron in Rajasthan before this post. It was such an interesting backstory and likely is haunted after the ladies and children burnt themselves to death. How awful! The talking parrot would be creepy to hear speak in a human voice.

  4. The place looks very enchanting and beautiful but the term ‘haunted’ makes me think twice about visiting the place. Yes, I get scared easily 🙂

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