Haunted places- Asirgarh,home of a 5,000 year old warrior

Welcome to Asirgarh, one of the most haunted places in India. This article is about the haunted history of Ashwatthama, a warrior who is more than 5,000 years old.

You won’t want to bump into a man who has survived a 5000-year-old war and roams around with a wound dripping in blood, isn’t it?Neither me, of course!

Some beautiful pictures of Asirgarh fort are :

Asirgarh- one of the most haunted places in India


But, what I am going to tell you is a hauntingly beautiful tale that is so bizarre that the first thing that you are going to do is share this post with your best friend with an amusing comment!

India is a land of great contrasts.We have launched space missions, produced some of the brightest engineers, doctor, and managers the world has seen but, we also live with haunted stories that are downright unbelievable.

The Great War


This is the haunting story of Ashwatthama-one of the greatest warriors in the Great War, also known as Mahabharata.

Shrouded in the mists of time, the Great War was fought between two sets of warring cousins, the Kauravas, and Pandavas, on the fields of Kurukshetra, a place near Delhi.The Pandavas were five but the Kauravas were 100 in number and the size of the combined armies of the two parties was in millions. At stake was the kingdom of India.

The Pandavas were five in number and the Kauravas were 100.

The size of the combined armies of the two parties was in millions.

At stake was the kingdom of India.

Bhishma and Krishna


The Pandavas were guided by Shri Krishna, one of the greatest philosophers and leaders that the world and India have ever seen.the Kauravas were led by the venerable Bhishma Pitamah and Guru Dronacharya.

On the other hand, the Kauravas were led by the venerable Bhishma Pitamah and Guru Dronacharya.

Bhishma was the great-grandfather of both the warring cousins and having abdicated the throne because of a promise to his stepmother, was looked up by his family as the moral guiding force.

Dronacharya was the Guru to the cousins and possessed vast skills in military tactics and leadership.

As it turned out, both these two gentlemen joined the Kauravas while Pandavas were led by Shri Krishna.



Guru Dronacharya had a son whose name was Ashwatthama.Like his father, Ashwatthama too was a great warrior and had joined his father’s side in the war.

Interestingly, there was another Ashwatthama which participated in the Great War but, it was an elephant!

Well, the war started and the Kauravas were enjoying a strong edge in the war.It was difficult for the Pandavas to get an upper hand.

The Fort of Aseergarh is one of the most haunted places in India. Credits- Wiki

As the war carried on, it became increasingly evident to Shri Krishna that the commander of the Kauravas, Drona had to be finished.But, Drona was a tough nut to crack.So, Krishna devised a plan.He got Bhimsen, one of the Pandavas to finish the elephant, Ashwatthama.

Lie or Truth?


Bhima had the power of ten thousand elephants!Once this was done, Krishna asked Yudhishthira, the eldest Pandava to declare Ashwatthama as dead. As Yudhishthira proclaimed the death of Ashwaththama, the Pandavas raised the din of their trumpets to unimaginable levels.The elder Pandava also added a question to his proclamation-Man or Elephant?Drona could only hear the first part of the proclamation, the added question was lost in the din.

Yudhishthira was the epitome of truth and everyone in the family trusted his sense of ethics.So, when Drona heard the first part of Yudhi’s proclamation, he was filled with grief- his son, Ashwatthama was dead! He laid down his arms and was immediately put to death by the Pandavas.

Haunted Places

When Ashwatthama heard this tragic news, he was filled with rage and went on a murder spree, killing all the children of the Pandavas in the dead of the night.The children were all infants and quite obviously, the Pandavas were overcome with grief.

Krishna, thoroughly angered with this behavior of Ashwatthama cursed him to an unending life of pain and misery, a life where no one will give him relief and a life of living dead, a specter. Ashwatthama had a gem on his forehead that was stripped off by Krishna, leaving a perpetual wound with blood oozing out!

This war happened around 5000 years back!

Ashwaththama is back?


Asirgarh is a quaint little place nearly in Central India and is prominent for its 1000-year-old fort.It is deserted and is worn out, with weeds and jungles eating away the ancient doors and walls.

One thousand years back,  Asirgarh was of strategic importance as it connected the northern and southern parts of India through a narrow pass.

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Nobody lives here and not a soul can be seen here .Except, for a gaunt man, with a flowing beard and tattered clothes.He has an open wound on his forehead and is sometimes accosting unsuspecting villagers around the fort for turmeric and mustard oil to dress up his wound.

In 1912, Swami Vasudevanad Saraswathi, in his autobiography, admitted meeting a person who introduced himself as Ashwaththama.

His gait was different from that of a normal person so the Swami asked him, who are you?

The stranger replied, “I am Ashwaththama and I belong to a different time zone from yours”.

Who could he be?The legendary fighter of the Great War?Or an impostor?

There are many such hauntingly beautiful stories and it is tantalizing to believe all of them because of the mystery involved.If you asked me, I would neither believe nor disbelieve them. In fact, there are several haunted places like Asirgarh throughout the country.

In fact, there are several haunted places like Asirgarh throughout the country. One such place is the fort of Bhangarh in Rajasthan.

Many such haunted places are associated with unnatural deaths and violent events that had happened many many years ago.

Thanks for reading this article.

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  1. What a story! I love India’s history, especially the ones surrounded with mystery.

    Not sure what could be the answer to it, but i would also not take any sides…there could be truth in he being Ashwaththama.

  2. Nice story! I know very little about India history since in school I learned only about European and American history. That is very sad fact since India has longer history than any European nation. Maybe India should invest bit more in movie industry sharing stories like this to wider population promoting its history.

  3. Of course it has to be an imposter. Correct me if I am wrong but all over India, there are people who claim to be of divine origin tricking people in giving them money.

    • I do not know.There is this case of a national hero who was believed to have died in an air crash in WW2 but, many people believe that he lived on in India till the mid 1980s..He was a rival to Mahatma Gandhi in stature.

  4. Wo! It is beautiful. I’d believe it to be him than an imposter as I have beliefs of supernatural powers in this Universe! If he was cursed for an unending life, I’m site he’s still lingering around! Thank You for making me read through history, again 🙂

  5. I love your story! I wish I knew about this legend when I was in India. I would have loved to visit this place and see if I met the old man. That would have been such a trilling experience.

  6. Interesting story! I wonder if he was the real Ashwatthama. It reminds me a bit of the story of the Princess Anastasia. Even though there is proof that she did not survive the attack on the tsar’s family, many people believe that she survived.

  7. If I am not wrong, I have read an article about an indian story from the past. I really find it amazing how stories from the past are that interesting! Also this one, it’s quite intriguing.

  8. Love indian stories especially those about history. i find their stories truly facinating. Their culture as well is too deep yet intriguing.

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