These haunted places in Gurgaon will freeze your blood, they are so scary

These haunted places in Gurgaon look very normal during the day-hours. But during nights, they turn into black-holes; full of mystery.

haunted places in Gurgaon
This is the photo of a real ghost. Image Creds- Wikimedia

It is likely that you might be crossing these areas every day during your office commute and would be unaware of their sordid past.

Haunted places in Gurgaon- which are they?

MG Road- where a dead woman roams

If you are driving on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road at 12 in the night, never ever stop near the Sultanpur Metro station. At that hour, she arrives.

Who is She?

Draped in a white saree, she is a young woman who is waiting for you near the Sultanpur Station.

haunted places in Guragaon
Never ever stop to offer a lift to this white dressed woman

As you pass by this place, she will get up and appear on the footpath, waving at you. This white saree draped woman is 25 year -old and is extremely good looking. Except that she doesn’t have any expressions on her face.

‘Help,’ she will say in English,’ I want a lift back home, please stop!’


For, she is the spirit of a woman who was knocked down by speeding truck several years ago 

The employee who never was

Saffron BPO is one of the most respected companies in Gurugram, aka Gurgaon. It has happy employees, a nice office and is located bang in the middle of New Gurgaon.

But, let me tell you a scary secret.

The office of this company is one of the most haunted places in Gurgaon.

Don’t believe it?

Don’t believe in ghosts? Then read this article and you will start believing in them

Then talk to the guard who lives in this company’s parking lot.

He will tell you a terrible secret.

This office is built on top of a graveyard!

Yes, and until a few years ago, the ghost of a dead employee used to work in this Company.

Rose, yes, Rose was her name and she was among the best employees of Saffron BPO, Gurgaon.

She was a pretty girl and almost everyone wanted to date her.

haunted places in Gurgaon
Image Creds- MentalFloss

But one day, she mysteriously vanished from the office. Nobody knew where she went and what was the reason, but her colleagues were flummoxed.

One day, they visited her house in Dwarka and checked up with her parents.

‘Are you asking about Rose?’, her parents enquired.

‘Yes, and we can’t find her.’

‘But, how can you? Rose has been dead for more than 10 years now!’

The haunted school near Cyber City

I used to work in the Cyber City until a few years back and still remember crossing a school on my way to the office.

Something about that office always bothered me, but I wasn’t sure what? There was always a forlorn look about the school and the building looked weird to me.

haunted places in Guragon
These flickering lights hide some terrible secrets

A few months back I learned why this school had a ghostly look.

Apparently, some spirits of dead people wander in this building even today. Seems there was a property dispute among the owners; one argument led to another and all this finally culminated to murder.

When the school was set up, the authorities appointed some guards to look after the building.

But you know what happened to them?

All of them fled from the school a few days back!

‘We can’t work there in the nights because we hear strange voices in the nights like screams, crying, talking, fighting etc. ‘ 

The Ghost Car that kills

haunted places in Gurgaon
Is this man a ghost?

Now this one is real.

If you are driving around during the night in Sector 15 of Gurgaon and happen to see a car driving like crazy, then don’t follow it.

Never ever follow it!

Many locals have tried following this ghost car and ended up crashing into a barrier, and the car is nowhere to be seen!

Is this car really driven by a ghost?

People say, yes!

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  1. Interesting. Looks like there are haunted places all over India. From Bhangarh to Delhi to now Gurgaon. And the way you write your story around them really brings a chill as well as a thrill to the reader. 🙂 Another interesting writeup. Never knew there are such haunted stories around Gurgaon as well

  2. I’m residing in Gurgaon over 15 years and these stories I’ve been hearing quiet often and thus i’m very afraid to move outside my house late night.

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