Earth Day special- there is no boar this time to save Planet Earth

This Earth Day, let me recall the story of Bhudevi and Varah. Let me share the story of our Mother Earth being saved by Lord Vishnu who came as a wild pig.

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Lord Varaha lifts Bhudevi from the depths of the ocean

Is our end near?

How long will we survive before we self-destruct ourselves? We are greedy people and like to consume things excessively. Our seas are getting buried under the debris of plastic, ropes, bottles, nets etc. We are cutting down our jungles mindlessly so that we can have more buildings and offices. Our skies are getting dirtier by the day. The exhaust from our cars is choking our lungs and making us violently sick.

The funny thing is that we all know about the damage that we are causing to our fragile eco-system but are doing nothing to stop it.

Basically, we are fools of the highest order. We are on a suicide mission and we know that we are going to die soon.

Unfortunately this time, there is no Lord Varah among us who can save Mother Earth which he did millions of years ago.

Earth Day- A short story

So, here is yet another story from yours truly, this time about Earth Day and environmental degradation.

Millions of years ago, our Planet Earth sunk to the bottom of the ocean because of ecological imbalance.

I think at that time, the conditions on our planet were the same as today. Trees were being felled, our oceans were getting dirty and the skies were full of bad air. Planet Earth was in dire straits and it seemed that we will all perish.

Just as it seemed that everything will be lost, Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of a boar and dived into the celestial sea.

Appearing from the sky, he plunged into the waters and began heading over to the bottom of the sea.

Mother Earth or Bhudevi lay helpless on the ocean bed. She was sick, and in pain. Weak, and fragile, Mother Earth was waiting for her death. He own children had back-stabbed her.

As she lay on the sea floor, Bhudevi heard a terrible sound over her. It seemed to her that the Universe had collapsed. There was froth all around her and the sea-bed shook like the leaf of a peepal tree. The eyes of Bhudevi filled up with terror.

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A panel from Badami, Karnataka depicts Lord Varah lifting Bhudevi


But after a few minutes, she was filled with astonishment. A huge boar was crashing down toward her in the ocean. Its teeth were spotlessly white and the eyes were red. They were looking directly at Bhudevi.

Mother Earth was terrified at this sight.She closed her eyes and imagined that her death was nearby.

The roar was becoming louder with each passing second.

How much gold does this temple contain?

After a few minutes had passed, Bhudevi thought that she was rising.

‘Is this my Atma that is rising to meet the Lord,’ she imagined.

No, it didn’t seem so. The lightness was physical and it seemed as if someone was pushing her toward the ocean surface.

Bhudevi opened her eyes and what she saw amazed her. She was sitting on the snout of the boar who was paddling furiously toward the top.

This paddling continued for a few anxious moments and Bhudevi was totally unprepared for this experience.

Once at the top, the boar gently placed Mother Earth there and after a loving gaze flew back into the sky. Bhudevi had finally been saved from the environmental disaster.

Now you would think how can all this be possible? Man appeared on our planet just a few hundred thousand years go┬áso how can all this destruction happen millions of years ago! To you, this story would seem incredible, isn’t it?

Well my friends, consider this tale as just a tale. The events described above might not have happened but they do give us a clue. And that clue is that sometimes animals are more valuable in the conservation of the environment and protection of the earth than human beings.

The boar here represents an important animal in our ecology. In many parts of the world, its cousin, the pig, cleans up the mess that we throw around. So, the boar here is the guardian of the environment.

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