Delhi walking tour-haunted Mehrauli Park

Chances are that in this Delhi walking tour you might bump into a ghost.


I like readers who lose their wits upon reading this Delhi walking tour blog-post.

Meet the walking dead of Mehrauli

Our first pit stop will be Balban’s Tomb in this Delhi haunted tour.

Balban was a Muslim Sultan who ruled Delhi more than 700 years ago. Locals say that the grave of this Sultan is haunted. Anyone who sits by the grave is sure to be troubled by the neighboring spirits. If you are a woman traveler and wearing perfume, then avoid this tomb. Who knows you might attract a romantic ghost?

Delhi Walking Tour
They say that Balban’s Tomb is haunted!

I have come to the Balban’s Tomb many times and each time I sense a particularly sweet smell. I don’t know who comes here and lights up incense sticks here. In fact, nobody knows for sure. It is a big mystery.

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Though this complex looks dry and uninviting, it hides several mysteries. If you are lucky, you might even spot a Nilgai. This is a big deer and looks like a cross between a cow and a deer.

Balban's Tomb

The haunted stepwell of Mehrauli

Delhi has several step wells or baolis but the one at Mehrauli has an interesting and hauntingly beautiful history.

The Rajon ki Baoli was apparently made 500 years earlier by workers tasked with the construction of palaces in Mehrauli. These workers were called Rajmistris or chief masons, and over a period, this word became Rajon.

No doubt, this stepwell is a beautiful place to spend sometime around but in the evenings it is locked away by the guards.

They say that in the evenings, this stepwell comes alive with the ghosts of Mehrauli. Our Delhi walking tour investigates whether this is indeed true.

When I had come to this haunted baoli for the first time in 2014, the guard on duty specifically asked me not to enter this hauntingly beautiful place.

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Rajon ki Baoli
Even after 500 years, this baoli looks hauntingly beautiful

There are so many rooms in this stepwell. Probably, people used to come here and chat with one another and share stories inside these rooms. My guard friend says that now these rooms have been taken over by the spirits of the dead people of Mehrauli!

Mehrauli Archaeological Park
These lonely rooms and their mysteries!

Begum’s Lover

Our next destination in this Delhi Walking Tour is Dilkhusha. This breathtakingly beautiful place in Mehrauli was once the monsoon residence of a British official. His name was Metcalfe and was one of the ‘lovers’ of the Mughal Begum Zeenat Mahal.

Mehrauli Archaeological Park
View of Metcalfe’s ‘honeymoon resort’ from his boathouse.

Metcalfe had a colorful personality and was fond of the good things in life. He liked entertaining his guests and often took them on boating trips in Mehrauli.

There is a small lake in this area and our walking tour would include this water body as well. His boathouse still remains and is a great place for pre-wedding shoots.

Mughals did not like Metcalfe very much; after all, he had converted one of their finest buildings into a honeymoon resort!

It is said that Thomas Metcalfe was poisoned by the Begum herself as she could not tolerate his interference into Mughal matters.

Qutab Minar
These forlorn columns of Dilkhusha want us to hear their haunted stories

Like the other places in Mehrauli, the Dilkhusha too is haunted. The man who lies buried under this complex does not like to tread upon.

Mehrauli Archaeological Park

I am sure that you will feel this place emits a weird feeling.

Details of Delhi Walking Tour

  1. Price- INR 1000 per person
  2. Duration- 3 hours
  3. Timings- 4-6 pm in the evenings
  4. Inclusions- Snacks/ Coffee/ Tea
  5. Exclusions- Transport, Water Bottle

Kindly e-mail me at to fix an appointment. You can also call me at 9810840763 to discuss further details about the Delhi walking tour.

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