Delhi Red Fort tour-stories of love, jealousy, and murders

The Delhi Red Fort holds many secrets behind its massive walls. Several Mughal emperors have been killed and others been blinded and mutilated by their enemies. This palace was also the home of a Mughal princess who was beautiful and had several lovers. Book a 3-hour walking tour of Red Fort Delhi and hear some lovely stories about the Mughal family.

The Delhi Red Fort attracts millions of tourists every year

Lahori Gate- Enter the Delhi Red Fort from here

Delhi Red Fort
Visitors enter the Red Fort from the Lahori Gate

Our trip of Delhi’s Red Fort starts from the Lahori Gate. Do you know that this beautiful gate faces the city of Lahore in Pakistan? Today, this is the only entrance to this world famous historical place of Delhi.

After entering this arched gate, all the visitors have to turn toward their left and move toward the Chhatta Bazaar or the Covered Market.

Chhatta Bazaar

Chhatta Bazaar
Look at the beautiful designs on the ceiling of the Chhatta Bazaar. They have recently been uncovered by the Archeoological Survey of India

The word ‘Chhatta’ means ‘Roof’. This roofed market was called Meena Bazaar several centuries back and had shops selling gold and silver, perfumes, silk, and other expensive items.

During Navroz, this fascinating market was taken over by the ladies of the Mughal harem. Only the wives , daughters and sisters of the Mughal emperor were allowed to sell their products in the Chhatta Bazaar.

The only customer was the Mughal emperor himself! He haggled with the shopkeepers like a common buyer and tried to get the best deals from them.

Naubat Khana- The mysterious palace of Red Fort Delhi

Walk a little further from the Chhatta Bazaar and you will reach the Naubat Khana or the House of Music.

Naubat Khana
The Naubat Khana was the imperial reception area in the Red Fort Delhi

During the Mughal period, this white colored palace was the reception area for the visitors to the Delhi Red Fort. Here, they had to get down from their horses and elephants and remove their shoes. From Naubat Khana, all the visitors had to walk barefoot toward the Diwan-e-Aam where the Mughal Emperor sat.

But why was this building called ‘House of Music’?

Well, every time an important visitor arrived at this place, the musicians announced his arrival by the playing drums and shehnai.

The secret of Naubat Khana

After the death of Aurangzeb in 1707, the Mughals became very weak politically. Their kings did not have the same respect and power which their forefathers did.

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Some of these weaklings were puppets in the hands of the ministers of the court. These powerless kings had to obey the commands of their ministers and those who refused to do that were murdered inside the Naubat Khana! One of them was Ahmad Shah, the son of Qudasiya Begum- a courtesan of Delhi who later became the queen of the Mughals.

Book a 3-hour walking tour of Delhi Red Fort and discover the secrets of this mysterious palace.


This building is one of the most important structures of the Delhi Red Fort. The Mughal emperor sat here to listen to the complaints and applications of the common people. You can say that this hall was the main drawing room of Red Fort Delhi.

Diwan-e-Aam in Delhi Red Fort
The Diwan-e-Aam is a great place to take photographs.

Book a tour of this monument to know about the goings on in the Diwan-e-Aam.

Palace of the Queens

Delhi Red Fort
The Rang Mahal in Red Fort Delhi was reserved for the principal queens of the emperor.

Behind the Diwan-e-Aam are several buildings one of whom is the Palace of the Queens and is also called as Rang Mahal or Palace of Colors. In the good old days of the Mughals , this marble palace was covered with gold, silver and numerous other precious stones. Lovely ladies lived here. The most important queens and other ladies of the Mughal household lived in this building only.

How was the harem life in the Delhi Red Fort like? Where did the concubines and other ladies of the Mughal family live?

Who guarded the Mughal harem? What was the punishment of entering the Mughal harem?

Do you want to know the answers to these questions? Book a tour of the Red Fort in Delhi now.  

The Khas Mahal

Finally, we arrive at the private residence of the Mughal Emperor, the Khas Mahal. The word ‘Khas’ means ‘Special’.

Red Fort Delhi
Khas Mahal in Delhi Red Fort

This building has three sections – a prayer room, a room for wardrobes, and a private meeting t=room. The Mughal emperor held his most important meetings in the Khas Mahal only, away from the preening eyes of the commoners.

Do you know that this Mahal had a private gateway for the king? This door was used by him to escape from his enemies if the need arose. The king sometimes left for Agra by using this gate and boarding a boat that lay on the Yamuna.


Red Fort Delhi

This room is one of the most important places in the Red Fort of Delhi. The Mughal emperor met the ambassadors and senior officials of his empire here.

The Diwan-e-Khas was also special in another way; the famous Peacock Throne sat here. That throne was studded with gold, silver and precious metals and was one of the most expensive items of the Mughal emperor.

In the middle of the 18th century, the Peacock Throne was looted away by Nadir Shah, a Persian invader!

To know more about this fascinating room, please book your trip with me.

The Hamam or the Great Bath

Delhi Red Fort
The royal bath or Hamam in Red Fort Delhi. Image courtesy- Flickr

Perhaps one of the most secretive buildings in the entire Delhi Red Fort is the bathroom of the emperor and his family. But let me tell you, this vast room was used for other things by the king.

What were they? Book a tour of the Red Fort in Delhi to listen to the stories of the Hamam. Call me now!

The fabulous gardens of Delhi Red Fort

Delhi Red Fort
The gardens of Red Fort in Delhi

Our weekend tour of this magnificent fort will also cover the Hayat Baksh Bagh.

Ah, this enchanting garden was the pleasure house of one of the most beautiful ladies of the Mughals. She regularly dated her lovers here and also composed poetry for them.

Who was this sensuous lady? What was her secret? What was her name?

A secret jail that no one knows about?

Finally, during our last leg of the Red Fort Delhi tour, we shall go to Salimgarh jail. Do you know its history?

Salimgarh Fort,Image credits;TripAdvisor

Built in the 16th century, this mysterious place was built by the son of Sher shah Suri to defend Delhi against foreign attacks. However, in the next few years, this small building was used as a jail for political prisoners, some of whom were executed here. And one such prisoner was a daughter of Aurangzeb.

What was her story?

Did I see a ghost of an Indian princess in this haunted fort?

When does Red Fort Delhi open?

It opens at 9 am and closes at 6 in the evening. The Delhi Red Fort is closed on all Mondays and from January 20 to 26, each year.

Where to park your cars?

You can park your vehicles in the parking area near the Delhi Gate of the Red Fort.

How to reach Red Fort in Delhi?

Besides arriving by car, you can also come by the Delhi Metro. There are two Metro lines that you can take- Yellow and Purple. The Yellow Line will drop you at the Chandni Chowk station while the other one would drop you at the Red Fort Metro Station.

What is the ticket price of Red Fort ?

Indians- INR 35 ( Debit/ Credit Card): INR 50- Cash

Foreigners- INR 550 ( Debit/ Credit Card): INR-600 Cash

To book your Red Fort Delhi tour, kindly call me at 9810840763 or email

Thank you.

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