Delhi photoblog-the city comes to life

My mobile camera encouraged me to do a Delhi photoblog  while coming back from the Red Fort last Sunday. Since a large number of my readers live outside India ( I hate the term ‘foreigners’) , a photoblog like this one would be in order for them. Many of them see Delhi through the eyes of tourist places and hotels and they do not get to see how people in India actually live their lives.

Let me know if you like this Delhi photoblog. It would be better if you suggested improvements. Some pics are crappy, but I am not  a professional photographer, you see.

Delhi photoblog
The Lodhi  Colony Art District

The staid government colony, Lodhi colony, is undergoing an image makeover these days. Graffiti is making this habitat an interesting place for the backpackers.

Whomsoever has planned and executed this project deserves my kudos.

Speaking of doors, I found this one..isn’t it pretty?

Delhi photoblog
Can you imagine the age of this beautiful door? My guess is it is more than 220 years old.
Delhi photoblog
Is she a goddess or is she a beautiful girl?

Can you guess who she is? I think she is a working woman. Carrying her child on her back, she is seen flitting from home to school to back to home. She can be found in places as diverse as New York, Nigeria, Japan or Delhi.No?

Delhi photoblog
This lady reminds me of the American Indians

What is the grandmother saying? Can you guess? Perhaps, she is pleading to save the environment. “Save trees.”

Delhi photoblog
Delhi has never looked this beautiful

Yes, the ladies need to be fearless. Whether young or old, they should look the world into its eye.

Mornings=Tea Time

Delhi Photoblog
Chai, Chai

Delhi photoblog would be incomplete without this picture. Our mornings begin with chai. This chaiwalla uncle is preparing tea for his guests. I am calling this gentleman an uncle because he is  a little younger than my dad.

The most famous chaiwalla ( tea-seller) of India is our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He used to sell tea in the trains and railway stations in his teens.

Delhi photoblog
A chaiwalla brews up some excellent tea

This is paradise my friends, paradise. If you like this photo, the credit goes to my Gionee camera.


Delhi photoblog
She too is a mother. Don’t you dare touch my kids, she is saying

My kids would have hijacked some of these pups had they been around ;)))

Morning News !

Elsewhere, a gent is catching up on some morning news.

Delhi photoblog
The printed word still is still trusted by many when it comes to news.

Setting up shop

Delhi photoblog
A panoply of colors

Can you imagine India without color? I took this snap when a shopkeeper had just opened up his stall to sell bangles. Gods and bangles jostle for space in this stall.

Delhi photoblog
The spice seller at Chandni Chowk

India has always been known as the land of spices. I read in my history classes that the Romans and Egyptians used to trade their bullion for our spices which is not a bad deal after all!

Sharing is caring

Delhi photoblog
Many Indians start their morning by sharing their foods with animals

We share our spaces, roads, homes and even food with animals and I hope you like this photo from the Delhi photoblog.

Color my skies

Elsewhere, our skies were getting ready to welcome their guests- the kites.

Delhi photoblog
This was the first time Delhi played host to an international kite flying festival

People in Delhi fly kites on January 26th and August 15 but this was the first time that kite flying  was promoted on an international scale in the city. Good effort but a lot of distance to cover.

If you were around, you could have bought a few puppets as well  in the festival.

Delhi photoblog
Puppets have their own tales to tell

Kathputlis or puppets are dying in Delhi. When I was young, I could see many puppeteers around and telling stories about folk heroes through the kathputlis. Video  and mobile games have replaced this popular form of entertainment and alas, our kids don’t know much about this craft. Puppeteers use their hands and voice skilfully to recount ancient tales of folk heroes and heroines.

Delhi photoblog
This joker was balancing dominoes as part of his entertainment duties

A jeep hauls up a heavy kite!

Delhi photoblog

I have flown kites when I was in teens  but never knew that some of them need to be hauled up by jeeps!

Have you ever flown kites?


  1. I didn’t know Delhi walls had so many graffitis, each of them seem meaningful too. The joker captured with his dominoes suspended mid way makes a great picture. And the man feeding dog the most touching! Great series!

  2. I agree. Delhi certainly made the place more interesting with the wall graffiti. I’m looking forward to day I will be able to visit India. I also want to taste the tea of chaiwalla uncle. How much does his tea cost? And do you know what leaves he use to brew it? 🙂

  3. Oh wow, that is like looking at a different world to me. I am always very impressed when I see countries and people not living as ‘wealthy’ as us in Europe. That makes me realize again how blessed we are, and still people keep whinging and complaining about stupid things here. Look at the street sellers for example , and they are smiling … look at our filthy rich managers driving in their Mercedes around , with miserable faces. There is something going seriously wrong in this worls I believe. What I love about India are the colours, obviously do colours create happiness! That dog with her puppies is so cute to see, and that people really care about !!! Somebody has made her a bed, that is brilliant.

  4. Photo quality aside, I think you have captured the essence of the city. The dog on the side of the street, the food, the art on the walls, even that charming green door, they perfectly depict a story that no words are even necessary.

  5. Those were lovely wall paintings. I am always amazed with puppeteers.. ive never witnessed anything like that since birth. I only got to watch it on movies and im glad Delhi is still keeping it. We got some friends from India who now lives here in the Phils. And everytime they talked about the culture i’m all ears.. 🙂

  6. Interesting photos you have here! It’s great that you’ve given us a small glimpse into life living in Delhi. I have a few friends that have been here before actually 😀

  7. Captivating shots you have there! I love looking into photographs of people and places in their “normal state” (if there’s such a thing). I mean… I want to see the daily life etc. This photoblog definitely gives that impression. Great post!

  8. I really enjoy the street art and architecture that can be found all over the world. I don’t tend to spend a lot of money on tours etc, because so much can be found simply by walking around and taking it all in. This photoblog really does that- by noticing the smaller details of the area. Great job

  9. I absolutely love how you were able to capture the culture and give us a glimpse of what everyday life is like for them. India is definitely on Top 3 in my bucketlist. Can’t wait to see it in person

  10. The photos look nice considering you’ve gone about shooting them on the go with your mobile phone camera. The information you shared with the photos generates a lot of interest to keep moving ahead till the end of the article. Even here in Mumbai and Thane area, there have been these graffiti movements going on whereby the walls alongside the footpath are being painted by some wonderful artists, mostly art students I’m guessing. The only thing I always felt has been a put off both here in Mumbai as well as Delhi (looking at some of those pics you’ve uploaded) is the hanging wires. They really kill the overall look.

    As for a photoblog, I really loved your idea of shooting on the go. However, I’d say small things can bring in a lot of improvement. One doesn’t really need to be a photographer to take great photos. You see is what you shoot. There have been great captures even with mobile phone cameras in some cases. If I were you, I’d would read up a bit of photography tips not for the technicalities but just for the sake of FRAMING my photos. When shooting with mobile phones, composition is all that matters according to me.

    Just for instance, the picture of the man reading the newspaper, I’d not mind sitting in front of him, to bring his face to my eye level and taking a picture without including the top slanting line of the wall and the iron grill. That sort of a framing would give you a great shot of the man reading the news paper. When your subject is shorter than you or lower than you, its always advisable to bend or sit and capture. Another one, last picture of the Jeep, if you keep the horizon-line straight in landscapes or city-scapes your pictuer will automatically start looking better.

    But I must say this idea of a photoblog is really awesome. Inspired by your post, I’ll try it some day soon …

  11. At first glance I really thought the the man in the first picture was real, but as I take a closer look, wow, it’s just a painting, hahaha silly me. There arts expressed through wall paintings are great, indeed one of the colorful culture and country is India. I’m also taking all my photos using my phone, still saving for dslr though

  12. India must be really beautiful. With its rich culture and tradition, you don’t really have to do camera tricks. I especially liked the murals. It reminded me of Penang in Malaysia and also of our wall arts in Manila. I’d love to go around them and hunt them all!

  13. Delhi is so colorful. You were able the sights, sounds and taste of Delhi through your photographs. I really admire individuals who has an eye for details. Even the most uninteresting thing becomes beautiful when you capture them.

  14. Everything’s just alive! Those murals, artworks are just magnificent! Though about your other photo, one may have endured some quality fix. I see that it’s zoomed in so the quality may have changed a bit. Nevertheless, it’s great to witness such live and liveliness first hand. Lucky for you to be living in Delhi!

  15. India is definitely filled with interesting colors! The pictures definitely take us to a whole new dimension – like we’re having a walkthrough on these places. 🙂 I cannot wait to visit India one day. Delhi is definitely one in the list!

  16. Now this is interesting. Being able to see a city on a very raw moment, not curated and scripted, is what truly mirrors the life of it. Your photoblog has shown the colors and culture of the city. It will be more interesting if you get closer to some of your subjects, making it more focus so you’ll zero in the highlight of that moment and eliminate the other noise around. 🙂

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