Delhi haunted ghost walk- a visit to haunted Feroze Shah Kotla

This Delhi haunted ghost walk will bring you the chills.

Book your Delhi haunted ghost walk today by calling Swayam Tiwari at 91-8851367241! 

Delhi haunted ghost walks
The eerie silhouette of the Jama Masjid of Feroze Shah Kotla

Price- INR 800 per person

Kids under 12 years come complimentary

Tour description

Feroze Shah Kotla
Do jinns and ghosts really live in these dark rooms?

Taste this spooky experience by visiting the haunted Feroze Shah Kotla complex. Explore its mysterious corners and dark rooms. Watch people pray to the djinns and ghosts which ‘live’ in this palace.

This complex is more than 500-years old and is located right in the heart of Delhi. Built by Feroze Shah, this building was his private palace where he used to live and rule his kingdom.

Many people say that the dead spirits of men and women murdered by the Sultan now live in this building. Some of these spirits are friendly while others are hostile. Walking in this haunted palace gives you an altogether a different feeling.

They say that the ghosts are everywhere in this cursed building; they are even clinging to the Ashokan Pillar as well!

Visit the 500-year-old mosque made by the Sultan and listen to the story of a Mughal king who was murdered by his minister there.



February- 1-28

March- 1-31

Please note that there will be no tours on March 31

Freoze Shah Kotla
They say that the ghosts live even on this ancient pillar!

Book your Delhi haunted ghost walk by doing one of these things:

  • Call me at 91-9810840763 or 8851367241
  • Make Payment through PayPal- my email id is
  • You can also contact me at
Feroze Shah Kotla
Brooding skies!


4 pm

Duration of Delhi haunted ghost walk

2 hours

Price Inclusions

After the tour, we will have coffee and snacks at Cafe Coffee Day which is nearby

What is not included

Please note that guests will have to buy tickets to the monument.

Delhi haunted ghost walk
It is a great place for photography too

Place of assembly

We will assemble at the Feroze Shah Kotla ticket counter.

How to reach Feroze Shah Kotla

  1. Guests can take the Delhi Metro. Get off at the ITO Metro station and walk down to the venue.
  2. You can also drive down to the venue.

Is parking available?


Join me at this Delhi haunted ghost walk at Feroze Shah Kotla one of these days and be amazed at the experience!


  1. oh this is really interesting. I have been to a Ghost walk once and I was really terrified yet it is oddly exciting… We went to Intramuros (a old walled city in Manila which suffered greatly during the Spanish Colonial period and World War).. we started around 4pm and ended almost pass 12 midnight… I took a lot of photos but never had the courage to browse them until daytime haha… good thing my camera didn’t caught anything weird and eerie

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