Booking canceling train tickets on Tejas and other trains

Planning to travel to Kerala or the Himalayas by train, and not sure who to book your train ticket? Here’s how you can get your Tejas rail ticket by booking it at

Tejas train booking
How to book your train ticket through IRCTC

Please note that you need to have the following things while booking an irctc train ticket.

1.Travel documents like passport, driving license, adhaar card, election card or PAN card.

2. You need to have a mobile phone connection, an active one that works.

3. A net banking account or a debit/credit card.

Once you have all these documents, you are set to book your irctc Indian Railways ticket. Follow this process.

  1. Log on to If you don’t have an account, create one.
  2. Next, book your ticket by filling in the field on the left-hand side of your screen. For your convenience, I have filled out the form by entering my destination- Lucknow. train ticket booking

Note that you will have to select the right train station for boarding as well as deboarding.

3. Also, if you are a disabled person or fall in category for reservations, please click the small box. Be sure to carry your relevant documents while traveling.

4.After you click ‘Find’, you get the next screen ( see below).

Here, you can modify your search by adding a few more details like Number of Passengers, etc. You can also change your date of travel. Journey Class, Train Type, and your starting point and destination.

5. Can you see the blue box titled ‘Check Availablity and Fare’? When you click it, you go to the next screen.

train booking irctc

In this screen, you will find that this train LJN Swrn has departed on 04/10 and 05/10 but you can still book your seat for 06/ 10 and later dates.

To find out whether you will get a confirmed seat or not. click ‘CNF Probability’.

6. Let’s look at the probability of you getting a seat in LJN Swrn for 06/10/19.

probability of train confirmation

Your probability rate is 94% according to this chart on the irctc booking site. It is a good number, and you decide to book the ticket. Cross out this screen , and go to the previous screen and click ‘Book Now’.

7. Fill in your details in the fields shown on this screen and then click ‘Continue Booking’. You must give your mobile number so that you get the OTP on your phone.

booking train ticket Tejas Express

8. Review your booking details on the next screen.

train booking process
Tejas Express train booking process

9. Click ‘Continue Booking’ tab and you will come to this screen:

irctc train booking
Tejas train booking

Choose your bank or credit/ debit card and make your payment. Once you fill in your details, your ticket is booked and you will get an SMS on your mobile phone.

How to cancel your train ticket on IRCTC?

To cancel your train ticket, click the 4 bars on the top left-hand side of your screen, and go to ‘Trains’.

Click ‘Cancel Ticket’ and then you can then easily cancel your ETicket or Counter Ticket.

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