How to escape birth and death with the help of the Bank of Rama

Don’t you want to escape the cycle of birth and death?

Don’t you want to forever run away from this non-stop cycle of love, separation, anger, jealousy, greed, and attachment?

birth and death
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Who doesn’t? I, for one, would like to get salvation or, as they say, Nirvana, from this non-stop cycle of death, birth, death, and rebirth,

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If you are a Muslim or a Christian, you will find it difficult to relate to what I am saying. Non- Hindu/ Jain/ Buddhist philosophies do not believe in rebirth.

But, what if you hit upon a magic formula which makes it easy to escape this cycle? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, now it is really very easy to get salvation, moksha or nirvana.

How to escape birth and death?

You don’t have to perform mountain breaking feats for this, really. It is very easy and all you need to do is get a copy or a notebook from a bank.

This copy is available from the Bank of Rama in Ayodhya which is a city in Uttar Pradesh. Ayodhya is also the birthplace of Lord Rama, the hero of Ramayana. He lived on this planet several thousands of years ago and led a virtuous life. Some people aver that He lived several hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Because of His noble deeds, Rama is considered by millions of Indians as the avatar of Vishnu who is the protector of all the living creatures. They worship Rama and try to copy His good deeds and values in order to become better human beings.

Kaliyuga and birth and death


You see, in India, we have divided time into four main bands. These are Krityuga, Satyuga, Dwaparyuga, and Kaliyuga. The proportion of evil increases progressively in these yugas or bands of time from Krityuga to Kaliyuga. Our present era is Kaliyuga and that is why we see so many incidents of lust, anger, greed, and other forms of violence.

Attaining moksha or liberation from the birth and death cycle is very difficult in this age because of so many distractions.

To achieve our objectives easily, our epics say that all a person has to do to attain nirvana in Kalyuga is to chant the Sitaram. You don’t have to do any other work like performing pilgrimages or fasting. Simple chanting of the name of Rama and Sita is enough. This purpose can be also be served by writing Sitaram several times on paper.

The Bank of Rama’s value proposition


Clearly, this is a big business idea for the Bank of Rama in Ayodhya. This bank sells copies and notebooks to anyone who is interested in writing the names of Rama and Sita. More the number of times that you write  Sitaram, the better it is for you.

So, So far, this bank has donated millions of notebooks to devotees who are spread in India, United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific. And in return, the Bank of Rama has received billions of names of Sitarama written down by His devotees in all those copies! Billions! Isn’t it amazing that faith and business come together in such a non-intrusive manner?

Now you may argue that the devotees have been conned into writing the name of Rama by this bank to make big bucks. Well, you have your own views but nobody is complaining! In fact, people have been writing the name of Rama on paper for a very long time. Even His favorite disciple, Hanumanji, is often shown writing his Lord’s name on a piece of paper. Image result for images of Hanuman writing Ram nam The Bank of Rama in Ayodhya is situated in the Mani Ram ki Chhaoni area.

Opening your account


To open an account, the account holder has to write “Sitaram”  500,000 times on paper and give it to the bank manager. Later, his name and address are recorded manually by the manager and an account is also created. Every account holder is also expected to write ‘Sitaram’ at least 8.4 million times to maintain his account.   This is the total number of species in the world and we as humans get our human body after living as all these species. T

The idea is that when we write ‘Sitaram’ 8.4 million times, we will never enter the cycle of death and birth again.

Copies of Sitaram written in Kannada and English. Courtesy-

And if you are wondering who Sita is, then let me tell you this- She is divine energy and was the consort of Rama. Rama is incomplete without Sita, to obtain HIM, you will have to utter the name of Sita first.

Why this ‘business’?


This bank was founded by Mahant Nrityagopal Das, one of the most important saints of Ayodhya.

One day he realized that most people are wasting their time doing useless things like gossiping or spreading rumors. The Mahant began encouraging these people to better utilize their free time to write’ Sitaram’ on paper and improve their chances of attaining moksha. And this how this bank started its ‘business’.

The manager of this bank is a retired engineer who says that he finds joy and peace in maintaining records of all these repetitions of the word ‘Sitaram’. I am pretty much excited by the value proposition of this bank. Are you too?

There is another bank like this one in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The difference between these two banks is that the Chennai bank sells copies and textbooks. I guess it is okay to raise money for its operations. What do you think?


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