Searching for beautiful sarees under 2000 INR? head to these shops in Delhi

Head over to these places in Delhi if you are searching for beautiful sarees under 2000 INR.

Chandni Chowk

The best place to shop for your favorite saree is, you guessed it right, Chandni Chowk. Apart from being a great place for heritage and street food walks, this part of Delhi is also a paradise for saree shoppers.

You can shop for your favorite sari at Kamal Bhai Sari Sangam, Arun Vastra Bhandar, Vallabh Saree Emporium and other shops.

Beautiful sarees under 2000 INR
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To reach Chandni Chowk, you should take the Delhi Metro Yellow Line. Take a rickshaw in order to reach the various shops selling sarees in Chandni Chowk.

While in Chandni Chowk, do not forget to taste its street food and indulge in a heritage walk

This market is a major haunt for bridal saree shoppers as well as fashion conscious people. You can buy Banarsee, chiffon, Maheshwari and other kinds of sarees.

Karol Bagh

One of the other great places to buy beautiful sarees under 2000 INR is the Karol Bagh market.

Like Chandni Chowk, this market is also a favorite destination for street food lovers, jewelry buyers, mobile phone enthusiasts etc.

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To reach Karol Bagh saree market, it is better to take the Delhi Metro. Navigating the narrow streets of this market is well-nigh impossible. We would recommend that you take a rickshaw to reach your favorite saree shop.

Baba Kharak Singh Marg Saree Emporium

If you want to buy your favorite saree in a relaxed manner, then head over to this road which is just next to the Connaught Place.

This market is a shopper’s delight and she will find several state emporia close by. You can buy not just sarees, shawls, and other dress materials.

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Everybody likes Banarsee sarees

Read more about this market here >

Lal Quarter Market

One of the best markets for saree shopping is the Lal Quarter Market. It is located near the Preet Vihar colony of East Delhi.

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To reach the Lal Quarter Market, you can take the Delhi Metro ( Blue Line) and get off at the Preet Vihar Metro Station. From there you can hire an autorickshaw to reach this amazing bazaar.

You can pick up your beautiful sarees under 2000 INR at prices which are lower than the other markets. If you negotiate really well then you can easily save 10-15% here.

Tips for buying beautiful sarees under 2000 INR

Do you prefer wearing sarees that make you comfortable? In that case, go for cotton sarees and avoid the silky ones which are heavier. Wear sarees which match your style, personality and body type.

If you are buying your saree for the first time then make sure that there are no cuts and abrasions on the dress material. For detailed information on saree buying tips, read this article >

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