4 ancient historical places near Delhi where you can hear stones speak and cry

Don’t you ever get tired of hearing the same names like Taj Mahal, and Red Fort as the ultimate travel destinations, again and again. Let me refresh you now by guiding you to 4 ancient historical places near Delhi which are as old as 7,000 years.

ancient historical places near Delhi
Why was a pot kept near the head of this skeleton in Kalibangan?

And yes, you can reach these ancient historical places near Delhi very quickly and comfortably.

Which are these?

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Let’s first go to Kalibangan which is the largest Harappan city in India and whose remains have survived all these 5,000 years.


This amazing travel destination is located at 350 kilometers from Delhi.

Today, it is an unrecognizable place but more than 5,000 years ago, Kalibangan was a thriving city.

Is Kalibangan the oldest city in India?

Perhaps, no. Archaeologists have dug up the remains of a settlement which is older than this mysterious ‘city’. Kalibangan rests on that settlement. Until now, it was believed that Kalibangan was indeed the oldest settlement in India.

Have you read history? If yes, then you would know about the Harappan and Mohenjodaro settlements of Pakistan. Well, the age of Kalibangan is similar to that of the Pakistani sites.

Be prepared to be awestruck when you reach this ancient historical place. There are three mounds here, and the central one is the biggest. Set your imagination free after seeing walls, and platforms dating back to 3,500 BC and more.

You can also see a very ancient field that was unearthed by the archaeologists from under the Kalibangan settlement. It provides a haunting sight as you can still see furrows crisscrossing this field. Who were the farmers and why did they stop farming in this field? There are lots of questions.

Fond of walking through graveyards? Well, get an experience of a lifetime by taking a leisurely walk across 5,000 -year old graveyards of this ancient ‘city’.

You can reach Kalibangan by taking a cab from Delhi, Jaipur or Bikaner. If you decide to come from Delhi, be prepared to spend at least 6 hours in the cab. But once you reach this amazing place, you will forget your troubles.

Archaeologists suggest that people in Kalibangan stopped living there roughly 4,600 years ago. Perhaps the river that ran close to this settlement ran dry after a major earthquake. Or did the river dry up because of change in climate? Nobody knows the right answers.

To read more on this ancient Indian travel destination, read this article: http://asijaipurcircle.nic.in/Kalibangan – Ancient mound.html#

If you are thinking of staying in Kalibangan, then you can book your hotel in Hanumangarh, a town close by. Don’t expect that hotel to be luxurious, though.


This town in Hisar, Haryana shot to fame in 2014 when archaeologists declared it to be the largest Harappan site in the world. Until then, the Pakistani sites were thought to be biggest in this category.

In 2014, archaeologists hunting for more clues to the Harappan civilization discovered two more mounds in Rakhigarhi. With this discovery, this village became the biggest Harappan settlement. So far, 2,000 such settlements have been dug up all over South Asia.

Rakhigarhi is closer to Delhi than Kalibangan. Take a cab and you can reach this site in just 4 hours.

Experts gaze at two human skeletons discovered in Rakhigarhi

The most interesting thing to see in Rakhigarhi is a 5,000-year-old bathroom which has a soak jar.

Read more about Rakhigarhi here

From a historical perspective, Rakhigarhi gives an answer to the most vexing question- who were the Harappan people. Many argue that these people came to India from the West. Skeletons discovered from Rakhigarhi will finally tell who our ancestors were.

There are no hotels in Rakhigarhi. If you want to stay put in a hotel while visiting this ancient Indian settlement, you can book a hotel in Hisar.

A mysterious part of Udaipur about which very people know about


Ropar is the latest addition to the list of ancient historical places near Delhi. This place is relatively young in comparison to its cousins like Mohenjo-Daro and Kalibangan.

People addicted to history will find Ropar a delightful place. There are traces of six different historical periods here. You can find Harappan period settlements as well as potteries and other antiquities belonging to the Gupta period as well. So here we are looking at a range of approximately 4,000 years. Isn’t it interesting?

There is a lovely museum nearby which houses several archaeological objects.

Ropar is just 40 kilometers from Chandigarh and a  drive to this city is heavenly. Book your hotel in Ropar by clicking this link.

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Agroha/ Hisar Mound

While you are driving toward Rakhigarhi, you may take a slight diversion and go to Agroha which again is in the Hisar district.

Travelers will be spooked by a big mound in Agroha; locals insist that this heap of mud hides many archaeological treasures.

Agroha is a very important town for the merchant community of North India. The Agarwals consider this town as the capital city of Maharaj Agrasen. This king, the Agarwals say, is their founding father. According to this community, Maharaj Agrasen lived more than 5,000 years ago. For the Agarwals, Agrasen is no less than God.

The Agroha mound has thrown up more than 7,000 pieces of pottery, toys, beads and other archaeological evidence. Unlike Rakhigarhi and Kalibangan, you can find many ancient remains here in a better condition.

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Agroha mound


Archaeologists have excavated this mound thrice in the past and the results are published in the Indian Archaeological Review. Unfortunately, these results are not available online.

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