Amazing discovery makes this Indian state a hot destination

This amazing discovery in Chhattisgarh has made  a really hot travel destination.

amazing discovery
Monkey riding a crocodile; Image Credits- Nai Duniya

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What is the amazing discovery?

Archaeologists have recently discovered a 2000-year old story, carved on rocks, in the city of Sirpur.

This story, also called Panchtantra, has taught millions of kids and grown-ups the art and science of leading practical lives. Historians had imagined that this story would have been developed at least 300 years before the birth of Jesus Christ.

They weren’t sure of their theory. though.

But now, after these findings, we can say with certainty that the great story of Panchatantra was indeed delivered by Vishnu Sharma more than 2,000 years back.

Panchtantra? What is that?

Stories of Panchtantra have spread all over the worl

Many years back, there was a king who had an idiot son.

The king was worried that his stupid son would not be a good successor to him. The kingdom would go dogs, should his son succeed him.

The king consulted his teacher about a solution to this problem.

The Guru suggested that the king send his son to another teacher, Vishnu Sharma, who lived in the jungles. This teacher did not use traditional methods but rather used everyday examples so that his pupils grew up as wise people.

The king accepted his Guru’s suggestion and sent his son to Sharma.

The new Guru soon took the young boy under his wings. The child began living as a common citizen on his teacher’s campus.

No servants, no elephants, horses, nothing.

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This chap was taught life lessons by quoting the stories of the monkey and the crocodile, the donkey and the lion, the colored jackal and many others.

In a few months, this ‘stupid son’ had become a wise young man and was now ready to be the next king.

Therefore guys and girls, the Panchatantra is a collection of these stories. We did not have books thousands of years back so we used rocks and leaves to write these tales on.

Sirpur- the amazing destination

Image result for images of Tivardev fort in Sirpur
Remnants of a Buddh Vihar in Sirpur

A few days back, archaeologists stumbled upon some stones which carried these stories. After studying these rocks, they concluded that these images were more than 2,000 years old.

This discovery happened in Sirpur which is 70 kilometers from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh.

Those amazing stories of Panchtantra are awaiting you guys. You can also visit many ancient temples, a fort and a mighty river there.

Sirpur has many attractions for all those who want to explore India in great detail; three years back, I fell in love with this ancient town.

After this amazing discovery, Sirpur has become even more attractive for inquisitive travelers.

How to visit Sirpur?

You need to first reach Raipur. This city is accessible by train and plane from both Delhi and Mumbai.

From Raipur, you will have to take a cab to reach Sirpur. And don’t worry, you can stay comfortably in a government rest house in Sirpur.

If you are interested to know more about Sirpur and the rest of Chhattisgarh, please read this article >

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  1. I love the story behind Pachantatra, I’m also a person who prefer actual teaching, I’m not into more on theory. I can easily grasp an idea though looking a live examples or in action. Though people have different ways of learning.

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