A new exciting party venue in Delhi-Shahpur Jat

Shahpur Jat is the new exciting party venue in Delhi and I am a little bit excited about it.

I am not a party animal but we Delhiites needed a new Delhi travel destination for some time. After all the iconic Hauz Khas Village had lost its charm a few years ago and there was a desperate need to have another ethnic travel hot spot in the city.

Where is this new exciting party venue?

Shahpur Jat is located a few kilometers east of the Hauz Khas Village. Located near the posh Panchsheel Park, Shahpur Jat has all the ingredients that Hauz Khas has. Quaint houses, narrow roads, pulsating cafes, and a medieval building- this modern village has all of them.

Parking though is a problem in this urban village. You will have to park your cars on one of the narrow roads in Shahpur Jat and while doing so, you will definitely miss the ample parking space of HKV.

There is a big plot available for parking but that is meant for the villagers living in the area.

History of Shahpur Jat

I did a little bit of research on Shahpur Jat and found out that this village was founded 700 years back when some people from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh came to Delhi.

At that time, the present Delhi was located around the Hauz Khas- Siri area. These immigrants found the Hauz Khas area good enough to settle and this is how the Shahpur village came into being. The new immigrants became rich over a period and became ‘Shahs’ or powerful people. I don’t know the evolution of the word ‘Jat’. Perhaps, these people were farmers who were later called Jats as is the case in Punjab and Haryana.

At present, this urban village comprises medieval havelis, fort walls, as well as shops selling fashionable dresses. Many fashion designers have their factories here and you can see young men and women come to this place and buy those products.

If you are in Delhi then it would be a great idea to visit this quaint area and explore it. Take a cab to reach Shahpur Jat because getting here by car would be problematic.

You can easily spend 1-2 hours here by having coffee, snacks and exploring the various shops of this place.

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