Delhi-7 lesser known getaways in December

Delhi has at least 7 unknown getaways that you will like to visit this December. The city of Delhi abounds with surprises and this post will share some of them with you.

A temple devoted to an avatar of Lord Shiva, a 5000 year old temple associated with the sister of Lord Krishna…read on…

I had been thinking of answering through this post a top of the mind question of travellers and backpackers headed to Delhi- what are the best lesser known secret getaways in Delhi this December?

1.Chor Minar or The Tower of Thieves 

Located in the tony neighbourhood of Hauz Khas in New Delhi, the claim to fame of this tower is the haunting story behind it.This is one getaway that has a fantastic dose of history, mystery and thrills.

You can also find chor minar in Uzbekistan and Bukhara.

About Chor Minar; Nearly 800 years ago, the then Delhi Sultan, Alauddin Khilji had this tower built to string up the heads of the invading hordes of the Mongols..These guys had been attacking the kingdom of Delhi for many years till, one fine day, the Sultan decided that enough is enough.


He chased away the attackers and the few that were captured by him were executed and later their heads were hung up in the little crevices of the tower. It sure scared the wits out of any potential attackers!

3.Hauz Shamsi

Located in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park of Delhi, this Hauz or a “pool of water” is said to be constructed by a Sultan of Delhi, Iltutmish. This guy was a slave in his earlier life but rose in life due to his hard work and fortitude.

Hauz Shamsi

One night, in his dreams appeared Prophet Mohammed who commanded him to build a reservoir of water with a small pavilion in its centre. The pavilion, Mohammed told the Sultan, would provide a cover to  the footprints of the Prophet’s horse!I am not sure about the veracity of this story, but, this Hauz is indeed a fantastic place worth visiting.

Hauz Shamsi is quite near to Qutub Minar and the closest Metro Station is the one at Mehrauli.

4.Yogmaya Mandir

And, while we are visiting some of the most interesting but lesser known places in Delhi, let me also take you to the Yogmaya Mandir.

This Mandir or temple is dedicated to the sister of Lord Krishna, one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu.


Why is it so special? Well, it is said that the parents of  Lord Krishna were imprisoned by his uncle , the king of Mathura, before the birth of the Lord. Kamsa-the king- was terrified that Krishna would be the harbinger of his death and so, the parents would be better off by being put up in a jail.

Kamsa wanted to kill all the children of Devaki, the mother of Krishna, in the fond hope of removing the danger.He largely succeeded in his efforts. One day, his officers told him that Devaki had given birth to yet another child. Kamsa rushed to the prison , entered her cell , and snatched away the newborn from her arms.

Kamsa then flung the child towards the floor, but, surprise, surprise!The child, which was a baby girl, ascended to the sky and mockingly told the king of his impending death! Krishna had already taken birth , she told him, and was safe and sound , away from the Mathura prison.

This baby girl, named Yogmaya, has a temple dedicated to her in Mehrauli.

By the way, did you know that the Yogmaya temple is more than 5000 years old, according to legends? This is a must visit place for backpackers visiting the Qutb Minar.At lest for me, this is one Delhi destination that I would never want to miss.

I know guys, you would like to know a little more of the hauntingly beautiful history of Delhi, but, let me also share something wonderful with you.

5.Pul Mithai, or the Bridge of Sweets

Heard this name? I am sure, very few of you would have heard of it.

This Pul or Bridge of Sweets was the outcome of giving away of sweets to labourers engaged in the construction of Sikh temples. The labourers were employed by a Sikh general, Baghel Singh in the year 1783.The place where the general was stationed is today known by the name Pul Mithai.

6.Bhairon Mandir (Kilkarinath Temple) Purana Qila

Ever heard of a temple where devotees offer liquor to the deity?

Welcome to Bhairon Mandir whose origin is traced to at least 5000 years back.This Mandir or temple is devoted to Bhairon, one of the chief incarnations. of Lord Shiva.He is supposed to be fond of liquor so devotees offer it in limit less quantities to him!But, it is not necessary that one can only liquor, you can offer fruit or milk too.


Legends say that Lord Bhairon was requested by the Pandavas to come and visit them in their penance and protect them from the demons who were hell bent on disrupting it,

Do you know, the Lord here is moved by shouts of joy and happiness by his colleagues? Hence, the word, kilkari in his name.

Isn’t it amusing?

7.Baba Batuknath Bhairon Mandir, Chanakyapuri

Ok, so this temple is also dedicated to Lord Bhairon and the histories of both these Bhairon temples are related.

When Lord Bhairon agreed to accompany Bhima Pandava to Indraprastha (now Delhi) from Kashi, he put one condition- that Bhima can place him on only one place and take rest.The idea was to carry Bhairon to the Purana Qila and install him.


However, Bhima grew tired at a place, now called Chanakyapuri, and placed Lord Bhairon there. The Lord reminded Bhima about his condition and directed to make a temple at the same location.Bhima pleaded with the Lord to accompany him to Purana Qila but the Lord would have none of it. But, moved by Bhima’s insistence, the Lord gave him a tuft of his hair and asked Bhima to install it at the Purana Qila site.

Meaning of Batuk– Batuk means “young boy” so, the idol installed here of Lord Bhairon is in the form of a young, bachelor boy.

And, so, we have now two temples devoted to Lord Bhairon.

Thank you for reading this blogpost, my friends.


  1. Its amazing and true that i dint know such places exist in Delhi, we all know the places that are marketed well to us and recalled … however this seems interesting and gives out a better flavor of the place … A exploration which needs to be planned soon .. thanks for the insightful share Swayam 🙂

  2. Wow! That is such a beautiful description to the 7 secret travel destinations in Delhi. Your posts are making me realize how little I know of Delhi and how I need to plan a trip to the Capital soon 🙂

  3. I have been to Delhi a few summers ago and I missed out on quite a few attractions you mention here. On my next trip, I will surely the The Tower of Thieves. They appear so enigmatic.

  4. While most of the best known tourist places near Delhi are swarming with the peak seasons, it’s always better to travel to places that are lesser known Pranav Took A Solo Trip To Andaman & It Was Truly Wonderful.

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