5 Red Fort Delhi secrets that will blow your mind away

I bet you hadn’t known about these Red Fort Delhi secrets until now.

Red Fort Delhi secrets
What secrets does Red Fort Delhi hide?

Isn’t it?

Even I was unaware of them until a few days back when toured the Red Fort Delhi, all alone!

So, which are these secrets of Red Fort in Delhi?

Red Fort Delhi secrets

  1. The Gates have bullet holes!

    Red Fort Delhi
    Can you see the bullet holes?

Yes, you will be thrilled to note that there are at least 2-cm diameter bullet holes in those doors made of brass. Not many travelers to this palace know of this simple fact. Would you know who shot those bullets through these massive doors? Was it the British or the Marathas?

  1. The Chhatta Bazaar was one big shopping mall
Red Fort Delhi
Many Emperors used to lure pretty women here to their bedrooms

Did you know that this bazaar was once an area where the wealthy and the mighty Mughals used to buy and sell luxurious products? You will also be fascinated to know that this place was frequented by the Mughal emperors to lure beautiful women to his bed?I have written about this part of the Mughal history in another post on my blog.


The Red Fort Delhi had had a mysterious prison

Yes, you would be thrilled to know that this prison still exists? Haha, I won’t tell you where it is located inside this medieval palace. Yes, I can tell you this that many princes, princesses, and other people were jailed in that terrible place and later murdered. Would you like to visit it? Call me at 91-9810840763 to book a tour.

  1. This palace in Red Fort saw several murders of Mughal emperors

Where is this amazing palace? It is said that at least two Mughal Kings were dragged to this place and later killed by their officers! Today, this palace is a museum. Can you guess where is this secret place of Red Fort Delhi?

  1. A ghost lurks in one of the British era buildings

Now, this one is one of the many Red Fort Delhi secrets that many don’t know about! When you visit this marvelous building, you will see several British era buildings¬†dotting the place.¬† Locals insist that they have seen the headless body of a British soldier wandering among them.

That’s it folks for now.

I am not adding enough photos to this post so that you can imagine about these places I have mentioned.



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