5 haunted train stations of the world that will give you shivers

Do you know that there are several haunted train stations in India and the rest of the world that have caused accidents, deaths and much more?

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Railway stations are such a source of joy and anticipation. Kids love them because of the trains that carry them to their Nani-Nana’s house. Parents love them because these railway stations take them off to their favorite holiday destinations. But not all train stations are jolly places. Read about these 12 haunted train stations which are not just weird but also dangerous places.

1. Begunkodor railway station, West Bengal

Can you believe it that this train station was closed for 40 years for a very weird reason? A rail employee died of shock after he saw a lady draped in a white sari crossing the tracks and getting overrun by a rushing train. When his colleagues heard about this incident, they simply stopped going over to the haunted station. It was only in the late 2000’s that the government reopened this spooky railway station.

2. Sector-9 Metro station, Dwarka

I live just 9 kilometers from this haunted place and let me tell you one thing- I get a creepy feeling while crossing it late at night. The spookiness of this place comes from an old story- apparently, a child and her mother were crushed by a speeding truck at this place many many years ago. The spirit of the dead mother roams this place and encounters any passing motorcar driver asking for a ride. If you will not stop your car, then she will chase you to the end of the world, locals say.

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3. Paradise of Suicide- Rabindra Sarovar Railway Station, Kolkata

Oh man, this railway station is a favorite place for spirits of the dead. Many people have jumped on the tracks to avoid these ghosts who go all out to scare people away. These ghosts are everywhere- on the tracks, on the train platforms, inside the waiting rooms..everywhere. Even some drivers of the Kolkata Metro have reported seeing figures in white hovering over the tracks right in front of them!

4.Waterfront Station, Canada

From India, let us go to the other end of the world, Canada. The Waterfront Station is known to the Canadians as a shock giver. Dead ladies dancing to music, desks rearranging all by themselves, and phantom steps on the platforms- these are the hallmarks of the most haunted railway station of Canada- the Waterfront Station.

5. Macquarie Fields Station, Australia

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Macquarie rain station; Images Credits- Daily Telegraph

Imagine being stranded in a place where you can hear girl shrieking non-stop. Well, I don’t want you to get into this kind of situation but the Macquarie Fields Station in Australia is indeed such a haunted place. Ghost Haunting Australia has apparently shot a video of this fearful place.

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Coming back to the girl that we were talking about, her name was Emily and she was over forty when she died. Actually, she had committed suicide by coming under a train at this station. Emily was unwell at the time of her death and was always escorted by a nurse to prevent injury to herself. But on that fateful day in 1906, something crossed over her mind and Emily decided to say goodbye to this mortal world.

More on Emily, the girl who committed suicide at the Macquarie Fields Station is here> http://campbelltown-library.blogspot.com/2016/04/who-was-macquarie-fields-train-station.html

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