4 unique travel experiences in Delhi-Book one now

Book one of these unique travel experiences in Delhi.

I bet you will be amazed at the exciting things to do like heritage walks, enjoying street food, and listening to the ancient stories about this city.

Your tour guide has so far taken more than 1000 travelers on these trips.

Mehrauli Archaeological Park
These trips are women-friendly and 100 percent safe for them

1.Mehrauli Archaeological Park Trip/Qutub Minar

The main attraction of this heritage tour is that it takes you through more than 1,000 years of history of ancient Delhi.

Your tour guide will tell you about the connection of Mahabharat with this city, history of Qutub Minar and the Iron Pillar, the haunted places in this Park and the interesting life of a British official. We also visit the ancient temple of Yogmaya in this heritage trip.

Duration- 4 hours

Ticket Price- INR 1,200 per person

Inclusions- Water bottle, tea/coffee

Important points:

  • Please buy tickets to the monument separately.
  • Since it is 4 -hour walk, please put on some sturdy shoes.

2.Visit to the Palace of the Dead- Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun's Tomb
One of the best maintained monuments, Humayun’s Tomb is a delight for photographers

More than 100 princes and princesses are buried in this magnificent building and one of them had 700 wives!

The main attraction of this travel experience is that your tour guide will share with you various aspects of Islamic art and architecture, Mughal history as well as the untold stories about this palace.

Duration- 3 hours

Ticket Price- INR 1,200 per person

Inclusions- Water bottle/ Tea/ Coffee at Khan Market

Please buy tickets to the monument by yourself.

3.Losing yourself in the bylanes of Old Delhi

Mirza Ghalib haveli
Hello, Hello! The APAC Director of Microsoft tries to connect with Mirza Ghalib in his Haveli

This is one of the best unique travel experiences in Delhi for foreign travelers.

If you want to see how people in Old Delhi live and work, then book this tour. The tour guide will share with you interesting details about Chandni Chowk, Jama Masjid, the courtesans of Delhi, Spice Market and the jewelers of this great city. Take great photos, enjoy street food, and marvel at the grand architecture of the Jama Masjid. This heritage tour includes a visit to the Sisganj Gurudwara of Chandni Chowk. What is the story of the Sunehari Masjid of Chandni Chowk? Interested in visiting Mirza Ghalib’s Haveli? Then, book this tour.

Duration- 3 hours

Place of Assembly- Jain Mandir, Chandni Chowk

Tour starts- 11 am

Ticket Price- INR 1,200

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4.Smell of the Gunpowder- North Delhi Ridge Travels

Image result for flickr images of North Delhi Ridge

An abandoned Guard Hut in the North Delhi Ridge Area. Image Creds- Nikhil Chandra

This North Delhi Ridge Walk is all about the British history of Delhi. Know about the Siege of Delhi by the British in September 1857. We visit the various venues connected with the Revolt of 1857 like the Kashmiri Gate, Church of St. James, the Flagstaff Tower and the Tower of Victory near the Bara Hindu Rao Hospital in North Delhi. It sure is going to be an interesting walk for all those interested in the 1857 revolt.

Duration- 3-4 hours

Ticket Price- INR 1100

Inclusions- Coffe/Tea

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